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#38A Scriptures for the Latter Days Genesis 26:1 & Matt13

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!!! Gen 26:1 & Matt 13:40 Review: Isaac seems to be reliving the life of his father, Abraham, in some ways. He is in an area where he tells the people that he is the brother of his wife and not her husband so that they will not kill him for her. He prospers an hundred fold in one year and continues to do so. The response of the leader in his area was worth looking at closely. Here was a man who, when he found out that Isaac was Rebeckah's husband, did not chase him out of the land nor ask him who he served but simply chastened him for putting the people he governed at risk. Is that not a polititian? Well, we wish it were the way polititians were, that they would look first to the interests of the people they serve. What I am trying to say is that as Isaac prospered he did not look at why he prospered or to the God Isaac served that he might also prosper, Rather, he simply asked Isaac to leave because he found him to be more powerful. The people were becoming envious. The Philistines had filled the wells that Abraham had dug because of this envy perhaps. Abimelech respected Isaac perhaps and simply asked him to leave to prevent war or bloodshed for his people. Do you see the many levels of human interaction that can be discerned in this short passage? (1-16) To reflect upon these writings is to allow us to understand who we want to be and man's nature when he does not put God first. We also read of three parables from Christ, the tares, the treasure hid in the field, and the pearl of great price. Each of these was a metaphor for the kingdom of God. Wheat/tares showing us that not all want to be a part of God's kingdom. I do not think that this means we have to hate or look down on others, I think we just need to be able to acknowledge that is what is. Those who would have the kingdom though would sell all to partake. What will we give up to know God? What do we keep back?