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#37B Scriptures for the Latter Days1 Nephi 15:19, D&C 11:15

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Christa Ann

Christa Ann


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I love the scriptures!!! +Moses 4:8 Review: Nephi is telling his brothers the meaning of the vision that their father saw. The tree represents the tree of life, the river represents the filthiness of the world that people get caught up in and carried away in that separates them from the tree of life. There is a lot of hope and attitude and teaching out there that we are not ever prone to be just plain wicked and I am afraid that this is not the case. The scriptures tell us that there are wicked paths that ensnare us and once caught and secure we believe the lies that the devil and others tell us and those we tell ourselves. The sad thing is that on the other side of the veil, after death, we will stand before God and we will know with absolute and positive clarity that we failed to be true to ourselves and we lost our way...we will have to pay what Christ did for us, but in so doing we will not gain the spiritual muscles that come from living a life of faith and this is where we will be short of being all that we could have been. Some will be far from God's presence and some completely removed from it. And since God is our source of love we will be sorrowful indeed. Holding the iron rod in the vision Lehi saw was holding fast to the word of God, pondering, studying, applying, testing it. This is what helps us to know God and helps us to know ourselves like nothing else can. Because once we have committed and God knows it the Holy Ghost teaches us things that we have only dreamed of. I have been there. D&C teach when we know.Moses 4:8 Adam and his wife went to hide. They were ashamed because they knew that they were naked and hid. We do that too do we not? And, unless we take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and accept the atonement that we have been given we too will hide from God's presence. It will be the river of filthiness that we read about in 1 Nephi 15 that keeps us from Heavenly Father. May God allow us to have eyes to see. IJN Amen