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Charles Brooks Show

Charles Brooks Show


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                   Is This A Dream We Are Trying to Live In

In the New World, Great Britain found a way to rid herself of Bedlam by transporting her mental ills from England Bedlam to the New World.  The Dutch found away to rid itself of Pagan Worshipper of Christ, Witches, and Demon Carriers.  Spain found a way to destroy native Carribeans throughout the Carib Nation who did not Bow Down to its King and its Christ.  Cristo Colum, the Seeker of Herbs, found a way to open the Flood Gates for the Transportation of Black Gold.  Portugal found away to open up massive transportation of Human Cargo to the Equator of this Hemisphere.  France found away to offer Protection to assure that nothing gets in the way of the massive extraction of Humans and Minerals.  Where do you see yourself in the scheme of things?  Where are you?  Do you know Where You Are?  Are you Living in a Dream?  Or Are You The Dream?  Why are you Looking for a Job?  To do What?  For What?  For Who?  Our Ancestors created the very Machine that is Operating This Dream.  Can You Stop The Deam?  Can You Change The Dream?  Is There Still A Dream?  Whose Dream Are You Trying To Live In?