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Sacred Sunday~ Corinthians Chapter 15/No Resurrection-No Christianity

  • Broadcast in Christianity
The Paranormal and The Sacred

The Paranormal and The Sacred


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The Resurrection Will Not Be Televised. Paul reminds the Corinthians that he was the one who taught them all about Jesus. How he died and rose again and appeared to loads of people. Even to little ol' Paul. He's the hardest working apostle in this Christ-business. There are some people in Corinth who doubt Paul's teachings. For example, the one about the dead being raised when the world ends. Paul explains that if there's no resurrection of the dead, then that means: Jesus was never resurrected. Say it ain't so! Paul is a big fat liar. Who you callin' a liar, Corinthians? But the truth is Jesus was resurrected. He's just the first in a long line of people who are gonna be back when the world comes to an end.  But now, everyone will live because of Jesus. It's actually pretty simple:  Christ died and rose again.  Soon, this world is gonna end and he's gonna come back again. That's when he'll raise all his faithful followers from the dead, too. After that, Jesus will defeat all evil and hand the reigns over to God.  Here's another thought. If there's no resurrection of the dead, then why do the Corinthians bother getting baptized on behalf of dead people? What's the point? Oh, and why are Christians risking their lives, families, relationships, and social standing for a God who just lets them die and turn to dust? Basically, according to Paul, if the whole resurrection of the dead thing isn't true—Christians are wasting their time. But, our heavenly bodies are going to be… well, heavenly. It will happen in an instant. A trumpet will sound and we'll be different. It's the only way God will totally get one over on death. So rest easy, Paul says. Everything he says is true, so if you believe, you've got nothing to worry about.