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The Paranormal and The Sacred

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Featured Host Char McCain, a Forensics Counselor, Psychic, Writer, Artist, Christian Mystic and UFO Experiencer~interviews guests who are experts on all aspects of the paranormal and the sacred. The Paranormal and The Sacred has been featured on Blog Talk Radio as Staff Pick!

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Louise Beaubrun-Macaluso is a psychologist who is passionate about life. Her near-death experience and the ensuing struggles after her burn injury taught her to appreciate being alive and not take it for granted. One of her primary... more

1 Peter Chapter 1 Summary This letter's from Peter. He's an apostle of Jesus Christ, and he's ready to party. Peter wrote this to people dispersion & aliens. There's probably a mix of Jewish-Christians and Gentile-Christians in those... more

James 5 Summary ~ Mo' Money, Mo' Problems Listen up, rich folks: God is not amused with you. Major bad times are coming your way. All your wealth will rot. Your fancy designer clothes are gonna be eaten by moths. Your gold and silver... more

James 4 Summary Why do people love to fight so much? Well, sometimes a person wants something they don't have. So they get all freaked out and angry about it and start going to war with other folks. That's one way to get what you... more

James 3 Summary Those Who Can't Do, Teach Not everyone is cut out to be a teacher like James. Oh, really? Teachers have to watch what they do and say at all times because people are just waiting for them to screw up. Well, it's sort... more

Sorry, One-Percenters Being a faithful person means that you don't favor rich people over poor people. When fancy folks wearing expensive clothes stroll into church, everyone falls all over themselves to get these hoity toity guys a seat.... more

Hi, My Name Is…James What up? James here. Servant of God. Follower of Jesus. All-around good guy. James says that he's writing to "the twelve tribes in the Dispersion." In other words: Jewish-Christians who don't live in the Jewish... more

Hebrews Chapter 13 Summary ~So Long, Farewell The author has some practical advice. Love each other. Be nice to strangers. Don't forget about folks who are in prison or being tortured. Marriage is a good thing, so don't fornicate in your free... more

Hebrews Chapter 12 Don't Stop Believing Christians have tons of examples of faith, which means they shouldn't worry about little stuff like being persecuted or killed. They just need to look to Jesus and keep on running the race. After all,... more

Hebrews Chapter 11, Welcome to Sacred Sunday! Keeping the Faith Okay, so you gotta have faith. But what is faith? We're glad you asked. In probably one of the most famous verses in this book, the author tells us, "Faith is... more
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