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SDG 154: Demons are REAL so Let's Learn to Deal with It Using Kingdom Authority!

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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Mark 1:21–28

Now our world’s obsessed with the demonic from Zombie and vampire movies to the goth movement and the tattoo culture and the look out during Halloween. Halloween’s become the second most celebrated and decorated Holiday after Christmas!

So if you’re a believer then you’ve got to deal with demons whether you want to or not.
Now the dramatic from from our focus scripture took place in a synagogue at Capernaum at the northern part of the Sea of Galilee,

This is where Jesus began his public ministry with the reading out of Isaiah and then a confrontation with a demon possessed a man.

So this message deals with the demonic, which  whether you realize it or not is very real and vicious, and it’s foolish to be misinformed, uninformed or disinterested. There’s simply no way we can avoid dealing with the demonic.

Now they are just like bugs under a rock, these foul vile creatures cannot stand The Light, because they’re creatures of darkness. So something supernatural happened that day in the synagogue when light came, and Jesus exposed the kingdom of darkness: there was a confrontation between light and dark.

These demons that inhabited this man recognized the purity and untarnished holiness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and they shrieked and cried out in terror, because light had come that day exposing their kingdom of darkness. Now, the word occult means, “hidden.”, so there is a hidden world of the occult out there..

And, this message will expose it today, through the Word of God as we throw the light of God’s Word upon the kingdom of darkness. So stay tuned to learn about the reality of the demonic and the differences between demonic oppression, vexation and possession.  The full authority of The LORD Jesus Christ over the demonic and our victory as believers in the name of Jesus!