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I'm doing this Solely for the Glory of God (SDG) as the captives are brought to liberty in Jesus Christ... Cause I'm "bro ken" - now made whole in Jesus Christ!

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John 5:1 Imagine you were paralyzed for your entire life and then one day Jesus comes along and heals you! Now that would be simply amazing, but in truth, it's our spiritual disability not our physical disabilities that God's most... more

John 4:46-54 Do you want more faith, well if so it's The Saving F.A.I.T.H. of Jesus Christ that you need! So forget looking for ?signs and wonders? to cement your belief. In this message we'll learn we must stop wishing and start trusting. We... more

John 2:1 Now there are the seven specific miracles recorded in the book of John and provided the LORD's willing we'll use these seven miracles over the next 7 weeks to learn how to live life and live it more fully in The LORD Jesus Christ.... more

Matthew 6:19-24 You all know that we live in a plastic and a phony world. We've all been lied to, conned, abused, ripped off, manipulated, and deceived. And sadly so many of us have built up a skepticism. Yet in spite of our skepticism we... more

Matthew 7:13-14 Highways have been a way of life for man for millennia. Paul was struck down on the road to Damascus and even today when you visit Rome you can still walk on one of the roads that the apostles walked on. It's... more

1 Thessalonians 5:5 You know there's a lot of talk in new age spiritual circles about ?the light? and being ?light workers? but this is actually a term and a concept stolen from the Bible. In our focus scripture for today's message Paul... more

Psalm 119:9-16 So how do we keep our minds clean? Well men have searched far and wide in caves and deserts, to remote islands and on mountain tops. They've sat, knelt, stood, and have even pierced themselves and swung from... more

Jeremiah 18:3-6 Did you know that pottery's one the oldest skills known to man? It's truly amazing to watch a skilled potter transform an ugly dirty lump of clay into a vessel of beauty or a vessel of service, or perhaps both! Now, there are... more

James 4:13-17 As we begin this New Year it's important to plan, but there's a right way and many wrong ways to beware of and avoid. So we'll use a story in the Book of James about a first century self-centered, self confident and complacent... more