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Bro ken

Bro ken


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I'm doing this Solely for the Glory of God (SDG) as the captives are brought to liberty in Jesus Christ... Cause I'm "bro ken" - now made whole in Jesus Christ!

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Revelation 14 Revelation chapter 14 is a chapter of great contrast, it tells us about the Lamb & the beast, heaven & earth, the harvest of the doomed and the damned and the harvest of the saved. So it's decision time in our hearts today.... more

Revelation 8 Normally you wouldn't find silence in heaven. Heaven's a time and place of praise and adoration; music and choirs, and as we're going to see in this message 7 trumpets sounding in judgment, but here's this silence in heaven for... more

Revelation 4:1-5 and 6:1–8 Right now our eyes should be focused upwards as we look for the soon return of Jesus. In the Middle East, The US has just shifted its allegiance from Israel to Iran with the signing of this horrible Nuclear... more

Revelation 3:7-22 As you know Jesus delivered seven powerful and final messages to His people in seven letters to the churches contained in the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Revelation. Over the last two weeks we've looked at His... more

Revelation 2:18 to Revelation 3:6 This week we continue our investigation in the final message from Jesus to His church. And no it wasn't The Great Commission, it's contained in these seven letters to seven real churches in chapters 2... more

Revelation 2 In chapters 2 and 3, the Book of the Revelation, our LORD Jesus Christ gives seven messages to seven churches, what I like to call "The Report Card of the Churches". Now, although these were literal and ancient churches... more

Revelation 1:7 Revelation 1:7 begins with these three words: ?Behold, He cometh …?. And that's what The Book of Revelation is all about, the second coming of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. And because it's all about Jesus and... more

Revelation 1:19 The Book of the Revelation is hard for many of us to understand, but it doesn't have to be because God's given us a key to unlock the Book of the Revelation. and it's hanging right there on the front door in Revelation 1:19. Now... more

Proverbs 13:7 Today we are looking at true wealth. Now many of you are actually wealthier than you've ever realized, while others are not nearly as wealthy as you may think. Later on perhaps we can talk about how to manage money and use... more