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SDG 87 The Good Life

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Bro ken

Bro ken


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Galatians 5:22 and Romans 7-8

How do you define "good"?  Well God promises us "goodness" as a fruit of The Spirit.  So how do we get it?

These are important questions that we’ll answer in this message as we look at the 6th fruit of The Spirit "GOODNESS". So “What is the Good Life” that everyone chases after?

Today the word 'good' is overused and misused and the Luciferian NWO has cheapened the meaning of the word ‘good’. So today we say it feels 'good', tastes 'good', and looks 'good'. Or we may say we've done a 'good' job.

So we just throw the word 'good' all over the place and it means very little and that’s by the design of the Luciferians.

And people are always interested in living 'the good life'. So how do people live "the good life"?

Well for some people 'the good life' is all about feeling good and satisfying the senses. For others, 'the good life' isn't 'feeling good', but it’s all about 'looking good'.  Just think about it, everyone wants to 'look good' and billions of dollars are spent today on 'looking good'.

Now for other people, 'the good life' isn't 'feeling good' or 'looking good', but it’s all about 'having the goods', or just accumulating "stuff"! So they call that 'the good life'!

Well, there IS '"The Good Life"!   So WHAT is "The Good Life"? Well notice that none of these things that we've looked at have a moral quality to them. But, the "good" that the Bible talks about has a moral element to it. Because the 6th fruit of the Spirit is goodness!  So what is this Biblical goodness?  Well stay tuned to find out!