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"There once was a dude from Milton; who once got to stay in a Hilton.  His stomach removed he lost weight, had a hobble defining his gate.  Now checks to see if his belt's on!

OK, it's late St. Patty's Day and I'm sober, so TMDS tosses away the fun and green games and move to a MORE serious note (huh?), and that would be -THE CALL!  Many TBI's are caused by an accident, gun shot or fall.  Do we ever think about how that sudden impact puts folks into a 'traumatic' mode? Our loved ones daily routine recieved - THE CALL.  

Word was soon spread, folks thought "He was dead." The wreck had created a fall. Yet a doctor so sechnical, was 'fore acts called miracles, and folks were happy one and all. The Angels stayed close, his blank became most;

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