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Bishop Haywood 411 Report

Bishop Haywood 411 Report


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This is a 2-Part Episode

In the first episode, I shall (from my independent consistent Christian perpective) shed light and evaluate the truths, actions, attitudes, hypocrisies and misguided sincerety of Democrats, Republicans and Christians both Black and White (primarily African American and Caucasian) and other people of color when it comes to our vote.

In the second episode, I shall then offer to you why I am "painfuly by protest", but with "positive pride"  voting for President Obama based on 3-key areas while holding the noise of my political views to tolerate the stench of the liberal/socialist agenda while I cast my vote.  Then I will tell you who will win and why! (with a qualifying caviot)

Bishop Haywood’s 411-Report on Real Christian Independent Political Talk That Disagrees and Agrees (to some extent) while Being Consistent with Real Common Sense!