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Breaking News: Trouble in America's Cities is Politicians, Clergy, Dads and Moms

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There is today trouble in America's cities Fathers, Mothers, Politicians, Clergy. Turn from your wicked ways and claim healing for the land today. "The energy of the young is a blessing or a curse on society". As go the youth, as go the future. It is today's adults  who creates those curses and blessings on our society daily. First and foremost, the power to make the difference is in the hands of adults, citizens / voters. Every citizen eligible to register to vote must do so promptly. Go now, today, put your name on the books, and when your elected officials here of your activities I can promise you will then have the power to ask for jobs today and receive jobs today. Do not ask amiss. Register to vote, ask and you will you will receive according to scripture.

The energy of the working class always has and always will promote health and wealth throughout the land. When the working class falls out of their element, their misery is visited upon the land, creating negative energy, and the result is one crisis after the other. The energy of the jobless drags a society down.

It is the energy of the corrupt that growths the trouble of poverty for the cities of America. When the corrupt focus on money for self society falls through the cracks. The energy of the corrupt in power in the land causes a curse on society. Those with power speak of tomorrow, when it is today that must be repaired 1st if we are to have a better tomorrow. The energy of the citizens is focused around jobs. To bring the jobs into reality, the energy of registered citizens must be launched into the universe. No one can do everything but everyone can do something. Every eligible citizen and register to vote. Those ineligible to vote this time around and GOTV but talking, transporting others, encouraging fellow citizens.

Trouble in America's cities
energy of our youth is a blessing or a curse on today's society
energy of working class is a curse today
energy of corrupt politicians is a curse always
energy of luke warm clergy is a curse always
energy of failed fatherhood is a curse always
energy of failed motherhood is a curse always
energy of organizations like ALEC has no power except through citizens who fail to register and fail to vote
Woe is me is nt a solution
Woe is a promise from God to wrong doers
Can U C?