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G3 Podcast 8/16/2012 - Dumb Achievements/Unfinished Business

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On tonight's G3, Matt, Christine and Beau will continue to tackle those hard pressed important, yet not important issues in gaming.
We start first with something almost every gamer is guilty of: Starting a game, getting a good way through and then not finishing it.  Why would you spend your hard-earned cash only to get a game, start it and not finish it?  Sure, it's understandable when you have a piece of garbage like Superman 64 and can't finish the first level at all, but why, for example, does Matt have a Final Fantasy XIII save on his hard drive that is only an hour or two away from the end, yet has been unfinished since a week after the game came out?
Next, we'll be chatting dumb achievements and trophies.  We've come across them.  They're the ones you look at and start laughing at because they're so ridiculous, torturous or difficult to obtain that it's hardly worth the time for such little payoff.
Then, we delve into some of the outstanding questions from last week - Did Beau find Slenderman?  Did Christine get a tattoo?  Did Sugar Bear ever get enough of that Sugar Crisp?