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    Ep. 90 The Rising Apple Report - More on the QBC, and ruthless baseball analysis

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    Tonight will mark the 90th episode of the Rising Apple Report.  Senior staff writer Michael Lecolant will hos this evening,

    Joining the show for a first time will be a recent, and welcome addition to the Rising Apple staff, Justin Weiss.

    Returning to share anecdotes from their recent QBC experience will be Mets fan extraordinaire/photographer Sharon Chapman, and “A Gal For All Seasons” Taryn “the Coop” Cooper.

    This evening, the Rising Apple Report will also feature ruthless baseball analysis from the best writer you’ve never heard of, author Paul Lebowitz.

    Together, they’ll continue discussing the recent Queens Baseball Convention, how recent transactions have shaken up the N.L. East, share some retrospective thoughts on the 1990 season, and stray anywhere else the conversation may lead.

    Of course, you’re always welcome to join. Give the show a call tonight at 646-929-0337.  Rising Apple would be happy to hear from you.

    Tonight’s podcast starts at 9:00pm EST.

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    Episode 87 - Rising Apple Report: Firing Up The Hot Stove With Stephen Keane

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    It's time to fire up the New York Mets Hot Stove.

    Rising Apple staff writer Michael Lecolant will host tonight's 87th episode of the Rising Apple Report.  Joining him will be Stephen Keane, proprietor of KranepoolSociety.com, and from GalForAllSeasons.com, Taryn Cooper.

    They'll discuss the organization's potential strategies for improving the club this off-season, while also taking time to consider their limitations.

    Congratulations are also in order, as Juan Lagares earned a Gold Glove, and Jacob deGrom became a finalist for N.L. Rookie of the Year.

    A look back at the 1987 Mets season will wrap things up.

    Tonight's Rising Apple Report launches at 9:00pm EST.

    As always, all are invited to call and join the conversation.  Please do, at 646-929-0337.

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    Rising Apple Report, Episode 79 - with Greg Prince & John Coppinger

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    Want your Mets fill during Monday's off day? Tune in for the Rising Apple Report at 8 PM!

    Joining Rising Apple's Rich Sparago and Sam Maxwell, will be Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flusing, and John Coppinger.

    There's plenty to discuss Monday night, including the fate of Chris Young, the trade rumors surrounding Daniel Murphy, and the imminent return of Travis d'Arnaud from Triple-A Las Vegas.

    Join in tonight for the best hour of Mets talk on the internet airwaves!

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    Episode 86 - Rising Apple Report: World Series Past and Present w/Greg Prince

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    Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning their 3rd World Series title in the span of 5 years.

    Tonight's Rising Apple Report will review their thrilling seven game victory over the relentless Kansas City Royals.  RA staff writer Michael Lecolant will host this evening's roundtable, and will be joined by fellow writers Sam Maxwell and Rich Sparago.

    Their guest will be Greg Prince from the website Faith and Fear in Flushing.

    Episode #86 will also take an Amazin' trip down memory lane and revisit the 1986 New York Mets championship season.

    The show starts at 8:00pm EST.

    Of course, you're invited to join the discussion.  The number to call is (646)-929-0337.

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    Rising Apple Report, Ep. 58: Spring is in the Air

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    With tons of Mets players already in Port St. Lucie ahead of Saturday's scheduled date for pitchers and catchers to report, tonight's podcast will focus primarily on spring training storylines and how the offseason went.

    Rich Sparago will be hosting, Taryn Cooper from a Gal For All Seasons will be calling in, and Danny Abriano will be joining them for the best half hour of Mets talk on the airwaves!I

    How did the offseason go?  What should be done at shortstop and first base?  Who should play center field?  What about the leadoff spot?

    The above topics and many more will be discussed tonight, as will all the Mets who have ever worn number 58 (with this being our 58th show).

    So tune in tonight at 6:30PM ET for the newest episode of the Rising Apple Report!

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    Ep 78 - The Rising Apple Report Featuring Guest Mike Silva

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    Summer is upon us, and with temperatures on the rise Sandy Alderson is beginning to feel the heat.  Ownership's ongoing financial struggles continue to handcuff his ability to raise payroll, his field manager continues making ponderous decisions, and the team continues to flounder below the.500 mark.

    Tonight, helping the Rising Apple Report make sense of it all will be freelance broadcaster and writer Mike Silva.

    Rising Apple's senior staff writer Michael Lecolant will host the half-hour of Metsian dicussion this evening beginning at 11:00pm EST.

    Fan calls are most welcome at 646-929-0337.

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    Ep 85 - Rising Apple Report: Mets are playing well, but the Front Office isn't?

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    With a 7-2 record in September, the Mets are within 4 games of playing.500 baseball.  Tonight, they just completed a sweep of the Colorado Rockies.  However, the recent feel good atmosphere at Citi Field has been reportedly disrupted by a potentially disturbing developement involving the Front Office and an employee.

    Rising Apple Editor Danny Abriano will be on hand this evening to discuss the particulars of this developing matter with staff writers Sam Maxwell and Michael Lecolant.

    The show kicks off at 11:00pm sharp.

    As always, you're invited to call and join the conversation.  The number is 646-929-0337

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    Rising Apple Report, Ep. 72: with Greg Prince and Steve Keane

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    After a solid month of April, a demoralizing road trip has all but erased the good feeling around the Mets.

    With many decisions to be made and just over 20% of the season over, we will hold a Mets fan roundtable with Steve Keane of the Kranepool Society and Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing.

    Joining Steve and Greg for the Metsian conversation will be Rising Apple writers Rich Sparago and Mike Lecolant. Yours truly will be joiining in later on in the show.

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    Ep 71 The Rising Apple Report - There Are No Off Days In Flushing

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    Although the Mets are idle, the crew at Rising Apple does not believe in days off.  With much to discuss this evening, senior staff writer Michael Lecolant, and assistant editor Sam Maxwell will co-host the 71st episode of the Rising Apple Report.

    The Mets latest road trip has them heading to Philadelphia, where they will begin a short two game series on Tuesday.  Phillies season ticket holder Ted Matey will help Mike and Sam preview the series.  Once done in the City of Brotherly Love, the Flushing Nine will visit Colorado, then square off against the Marlins again in Miami.

    The Amazin's left home with a 14-11 record, and are looking to improve upon their 6-3 mark on the road. Their recent success is attributable to their entire pitching staff, as well as the defense that has cleaned up its act.  Travis d'Arnaud additionally appears to be coming around at the plate, but, because of Terry Collins' line-up changes, Lucas Duda has yet to settle into the clean-up role.

    Joining Rising Apple tonight in their greater Mets musings will be John Pielli, author of Passed Ball Show.

    Discussion of these topics, and many more Mets matters commences tonight at 9:00pm EST.  You can join in by calling 646-929-0337.

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    Rising Apple Report, Episode 65: N.L. East Preview

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    The Rising Apple Report returns Wednesday night for its 65th Episode!

    Staff writer Mike Lecolant will be hosting, joined by staff writers Rich Sparago and Sam Maxwell.

    With Opening Day just five days away, tonight's episode will serve as an N.L. East preview.

    Mike, Rich, and Sam will be joined by Phillies writer Mike Lacy from That Ball's Outta Here, Marlins writer Placido Estevez from Marlin Maniac, and Braves writer Jeff Schafer from Tomahawk Take - three of our partner sites here on the FanSided Network.

    Be sure to tune in at 6:30 for our jam packed episode.

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    Ep 70 - Rising Apple Report: The Weekend Recovery Show

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    Tonight on the Rising Apple Report, staff writers Sam Maxwell and Michael Lecolant will help you unwind from the weekend that was.

    Both were at Sunday’s game at Citi Field, and will recap the day’s extra inning victory, and review the now completed series versus Atlanta.  Among other topics for discussion – the boo birds made their displeasure with Curtis Granderson known, the trade of Ike Davis to the Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as Jose Valverde‘s continuing bullpen odyssey.

    Tune in for those musings and more. The show starts at 8:30pm EST. The number to call is 646-929-0337.

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