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End of The Year and We are still Here! But for How Long?

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So 2012 is done. We were told we would be gone now by those who had deciphered the Mayan Calander. Just like we were told the world would crash in 2000 by the Tech Lords. We were told by Major Pitcairn that The British could march from one end of the colonies to the other with a single Battalion of Troop and a drawn sword, gelding the opponents of General Gage, and we are still here. For how long, who can say? But we are here right now.

What will you be doing differently in 2013 in order to assure the continuation of this nation?Sure, there are a lot of folks who say they would do something, but how many do you think would actually take action in a situation such as faced the colonists in 1775?

We have folks today who spout out "They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands". But do you think they really mean it? Would they actually be willing to put everything they have on the line and to dispute the government with force of arms?  Would you barracade your door and then engage in a gun battle with troops sent to disarm you like Jason Russell did along the road to Menotomy? Do you think he thought he might die that day? I can tell you I believe he thought he may very die, and that he was willing to do so in order to live in a land where an "Englishman's Home is his Castle". 

 This nation needs some work. We need to get out the hammers and saws, the mops and brooms and the oil cans and new window panes and roof tin. We need to be working as hard as we can to insure this nation does not go to its death from neglect. We are at some pretty powerful crossroads and there is not a lot of time for idling about.

What do you have planned for your part in this effort?

Better think about it.