The Evil Stepmother Speaks

The Evil Stepmother Speaks


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Get ready to learn and laugh about everything "stepmom". The show is hosted by Barb Goldberg, expert stepmom, mom, business woman and author.

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Our stepmother saga continues as we study chapters 4++. Yes, it's time to talk about the kids and our homes. What's the story with our houses anyway? We probably did not think about our housing when we remarried, but it becomes an... more

Ever feel as if you are your family's back up plan? You know what I mean. Mom can't do something. Stepmother does it. Dad has to work. Stepmother steps in. Stepchildren coming this weekend? Stepmother cooks. Stepmother makes the... more

Be careful what you ask for. This is a poignant message for all stepmothers to heed during the year and during holiday seasons. If you have ever had times when you secretly wished that your stepchildren or the ex-wife would go away?... more

Did you ever wonder why the ex-wife just can't get over it? Maybe, you are a stepmother who has been a part of the family for years, yet you still feel as though the ex-wife hates you. You just don't understand it. As you know, we study... more

Just like when you learn how to play the piano, deep practice is the key to mastering the challenge. It is no different when you are learning how to be a stepmother. The key is learning how to practice, then practice and the result will... more

Halloween is a stepmother's haven and gift to the planet. It is our time. This is the day of the year where every stepmother can be anything she wants with her stepfamily Yes, you can be the good fairy today. Yes, you can laugh today. If... more

Tell me if I'm wrong, but we've either said or thought it, "We don't want to go to that birthday party or sporting event or dance recital or holiday party...anything involving the entire extended stepfamily. We don't want to be with the ex. We... more

Can we talk? Have you ever dreamed of being able to say whatever you want? "Oh! Grow up!" As Joan Rivers, famous comedienne and actress, passed away this week in 2014. She was known for speaking her mind. How great would it... more

As a mother and stepmother and with a blended "yours, mine and ours" family of five kids, Holly Robinson has written extensively on the topics of marriage, divorce, blended families and stepfamily dynamics. Now, she has written a... more

Stepfamily wellness is a goal that we all seek. This show is one where I share some tips on how to get there. I know! I know! You think there is nothing I can do! Not true. This show is based on scientifically proven concepts from the field of... more