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My name is Author Sharnel. I believe in supporting others and others supporting me.I started the show, for many reasons. And one is to let people come on and tell their story and support what they have going on. So; Let's support one another. Tune in Live; Wednesday & Thursday @ 6:30pm est. Thank you!

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I'm your host Author Sharnel Guest Author Kai Storm; She is a new face in the Urban Literary world, has brought us shining jewels called Alani's Bigger Hustle & Alani's Hustle Gets Bigger. Kai was born in Panama in 1972 and came to New York in 1981 with her mother. She discovered her writing gift as a junior at Boys & Girls High School when an English teacher gave her an assignment to develop a story from just one paragraph and since then, her pen was hot. Kai continued to write any and everything not only to keep her gift alive but also for therapeutic reasons, either way her pen and paper kept her sane. In December 2007, Kai was working at a hospital as a temp and even though the assignment was over the first week of December the hospital kept her on for two more weeks just so that she would have money for Christmas presents but there was nothing for her to do during those two weeks so she decided to pen the first three chapters of Alani's Bigger Hustle. After she submitted the first three chapters did she decide to write the rest of the book ?just to see what I would do with it?, and when she pushed this out, it was nothing but fire! Kai was first signed to a publishing house in August 2008 and because she was so excited about the whole venture she never fully researched the company and the works they produced and because Kai had her own personal life issues, she never fully pushed for the book to be released. Once things in her life calmed down and she was ready to be published, in October 2010 she discovered the company was not all ready to put out her book and thru Author to Author connections that she made on Facebook, she found a publishing company that was not only ready, they couldn't wait to sign her on. This company was Twenty First Street Urban Editing & Publishing, LLC and they along with Kai, brought Alani's Bigger Hustle to life.
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