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Your Life Story-Rebound From Old Patterns

  • Broadcast in Family
Judy H Wright-Pet Grief Coach

Judy H Wright-Pet Grief Coach


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“My advice: when juggling as much as you are,

remember that some balls are glass and some are rubber.

You can’t drop the glass ball.

Also, learn to put on blinders about certain things.

Laundry will wait very patiently.”

~ Nora Roberts

Your Life Story

Many of us hang on to old, pathetic tales of how we were wronged or how we wronged others. We share them endlessly.  We need to reframe the incidences or release them to a file marked “lessons learned.”

All human words and deeds are something like radio transmitters. Vibrations and messages are going out from us constantly.  We have no idea how many others are tuned in to our frequency but most of us have a much larger audience than we realize.

Your willingness to stand and be counted, to have courage to follow your dream, will be noticed and modeled.  Your courage will speak volumes to others who are afraid.  Your job is to earn trust but  not to  seek approval.  As long as you are trying to be approved by others you will never find your authentic self.

As your vibration and frequency become higher, you will have so many new chapters to add to your memoir.  When you shift your thoughts from mistakes and failures to success and advancement, you will be writing a new story with a great ending.  It will be a block-buster, best seller,  crowd-pleasing study featured on Oprah Winfrey of how to live a life well.       I want to buy a signed copy!

Your smallest kind efforts and brave actions will have results that will reach far beyond your own life.

Why give away your power, when at any given moment, you can choose a new ending to your life story. 

You are the author.