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PASSING THE FIRE - Wise Nikola Tesla with Janet, Karen, Korey and Jeffery

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The series, PASSING THE FIRE is in response to the North Dakota native protest of an oil pipeworks on sacred and vulnerable lands. The oil paradigm has been abated for now with the cancelation of the project, but it's a fragile peace in the war against the people's land.

In this episode of, PASSING THE FIRE" we acknowledge an pikola Tesla died in 1943 at the age of 86. He still was trying to get out the information about his inventions, in his heart he wanted to help humanity, but by then, the US governement had abandoned Tesla because his inventions would have crashed the oil market and rendered warefare obsolete. "War is a Racket" says General Smedley Butler and those who benefit by war and the decimation of whole populations, being contracted to "rebuild." after wars, has a plan that didn't include anything to disturb that cash flow. Tesla truly is a causualty of war, a war on intellect and the betterment of humanity. Many have wondered what would have happened if we had listened to the positive application of Tesla Tech. In PASSING THE FIRE, we close out the year on the topic of Free Energy and the transition our of the oilygarchy paradigm and into a New Golden Age of abundance.

A fascinating account of Tesla can be found on this ebook: