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Hosts Dr. Sasha (Alex) Lessin & Janet KIra Lessin discuss Ancient Aliens, Anunnaki, Extraterrestrials, Conspiracy, Metaphysics, All-Chakra Tantra, Spirituality, Lovestyles, Sacred Sexuality, Relationship Choice, Counseling, Tantra, Choice, Do-It-Yourself Counseling, World Peace, Ancient Anthropology, Ancient Archeology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Enlightenment, Paranormal, Pastlives, Life After Death, Life Between Lives, Dreams, Astral Travel & Projection, Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, Aliens, Experiencers, Contactees, Abductees (Experiencer's Network) & ET Contact, Aliens, Interdimensionals, Planet X, Nibiru, Multiverses, Archeology, Dimensions, Time Travel, Teleportation, Sustainability, Ecology, Enviornment and more.

On-Demand Episodes

Eagle Heart ~ 12/03/17 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Revolution Radio ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ 8 to 10 Eastern time on Studio B. www.freedomslips.com David-Uriel Ibarra, N.D., CHt.... more

Ira Pastor - Chief Executive Officer – Bioquark Inc. (www.bioquark.com) - Over 30 years of experience across multiple sectors of the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development,... more

THE GIST "Cosmic DNA at the Origin": In this thought-provoking theory, systems scientist Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D., lays the foundations for a universe in which consciousness is the driving force of creation that we experience in our lives,... more

Peter Robbins is an investigative writer, author and lecturer best known for his books, columns, articles, radio commentaries, interviews and conference talks He has appeared as a guest on and been a consultant to numerous television... more

Suzy Hansen had a 28 year professional career in education, school teaching, and counselling. She has been actively involved in UFO research and sighting investigations in New Zealand for 42 years and is the founding Director of the... more

Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II Paperback – Large Print, September 22, 2017 by John Titor II (Author) MANKIND'S DESTINY ~ A CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET. WILL MANKIND CONTINUE TO SURVIVE? Everyone... more

Honovi Strongdeer ~ Bio Founder of Chai with the Cosmos Honovi is a New Thought Leader, Ambassador for ET Contact, Artist and Writer. She helps people get clear on their Soul Blueprint and purpose for being here at this... more

Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence – October 24, 2016 by Russell Scott Brinegar (Author) Following a near-death experience (NDE) that... more

Caroline Cory ~ 09/05/17 ~ Divine Paradigm ~ KCOR ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Tina Marie ~ 5:30 to 7 PM Eastern, 11:30 to 1:00 PM Hawaii. www.kcorradio.com. 702-425-9230 Skype: KCORRADIO... more

8 pm Universal Peace Meditation 8:05 pm Welcome Dr. Raja Merk with Aquarian Perspectives 9 pm Fun Intermission with Our Mystery Guest 9:10 Ted Mahr with Out of this World Radio Updates from Peru DR. RAJA My mission has to do... more
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