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Natural sexual orientation act not option an order with individual discretion.

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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The ancient time is estimated to be approximately 450,000 years ago, when the gods travelled to Earth and stationed in the Abzu of Africa; in an effort to harvest gold. Futher along it became necessary, to employ help for labor. They turn to genetics, DNA fertilization in vitro--in glass tubes. The process was set to produce 14 babies per process, of seven females and seven males. This model only produced eunuch hybrids, but later changed by the gods engeneers, to allow the hybrids the reproductive capacity. Thus henceforth they were able to reproduce offspring. Today it's plain to see the world full of sexually active women and men producing offspring. There is the realization that  copulating the genitals is not an option, like the masses attitude reflects, under the A.D. anno domini New World Order.  Wanting sex and engaging therein is technically irresistibly, responding to internal command. So what has happened to the homosexual group? They are happy with their kind of lusting? In the bible it is bashed as abominable, just as the relevant words describe the problem. Psychiatric disorders: in a Dutch study, gay men reported significantly higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders than straight men. Do you whant to call it Orientation: It means the following: positioning, location, position, situation, placement, alignment  "the orientation of the radar station," the relative physical position or direction of something.