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The A.D. bible claims your unnatural mind interprets foolishness to be wisdom.

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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Tell me what process initially, brought the Scandinavian so-called Romans to a republic...do you know that. And explain for me, the process which gives the United States Fedral government republicstatus. In Glencoe National Geographic world history, recorded that in 750-550 B.C. a group of Scandinavian later called adopted Romans, undermind the kindness of the Black Etruscan government, in 509 B.C.   The Puritans invaded the U.S. in 1630, while the pilgrims were already settled in the U.S. ten years earlier. The Puritans believed that they had been enlightened by God and had been shown the correct way to follow Him.   When they encountered the Natives of the New World, they saw them as an idolatrous race that needed to be shown the One True Faith that the Puritans subscribed to.  By converting them to Christianity, they were saving them from their sinful ways and the wrath of the Christian God.  As their seal shows, the members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony viewed the Indians as savages that were in need and in want of guidance.  They dismissed the Indian religious practices as unsubstantiated and inferior to their own.  In essence, they were doing the Indians a favor by teaching them the Christian way and they believed the Indians should be grateful for the chance to be enlightened. The same Scandinavian people who were by orgin Polytheistic defected from the worship of the goddesses and gods, to kill and overthrow the Indian to become a republic. But consided the enormaty of extraneous concept the puritans used  as justify the horrible inhumane massacre of the benevolent Black Indians, and the puritans did it all in the name of a spirit-God and Jesus Christ of fledgling monotheism Christianity. It is expedient to expedite removal Christianity from human society.