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Is The Earth Round Like a Watermelon Or Flat Completely.

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Cosmic Philosopher

Cosmic Philosopher


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I spent several weeks last summer arguing with a flat earther. None of what you posted would convince them. The guy I was arguing with told me every single picture or video NASA has ever shown of the Earth from outer space is faked, so none of those prove anything. NASA has never even sent anything into space and faked any footage you’ve ever seen of launches, so you can’t use anything from NASA to prove the Earth is round. This also makes him a moon landing denier by default because he thinks every single NASA launch is faked. To quote him “no man made object has ever left Earth’s atmosphere at any point in human history.”

I tried going back to Ancient Greece and telling him about angles of shadows. Nope, the surface isn’t perfectly flat and does have a very minor curve to it, thus shadow angles don’t prove anything.  So I put my knowkedge of etymology to work, which all minds can do exercise on. Flat in dictionary definitions mean have no curve/curvature.  I can tell at least two reasons which affirm curce. Naturally human experience says the earth rotates in a retrograde direction, People moves easterly to meet the sun coming west a dayly operation. When night falls on the east coast three hours before it does on the California west coast?  What harm is done if you never ponderwhether Earth is round or flat-- It is not like beliving in a spirit-God that no one ever seen.