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The Sumerian History Spoken By The Babylonian, Science fact Of Man's Origins.

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Cosmic Philosopher

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The book is 'Genesis Revisited' by 

Zecharia Sitchin. Mesopotamian/Sumerian History

Under Babylonian 'Enuma Elish

The profound perceptions, which lie at the core of the biblical adoption of the creation story in Enuma  Elish, could be arrived at only by bringing together [religion] and [science] while retaining, in the narrative and sequence of events, the scientific basis.

    But to recognized this; that Genesis represents not just [religion] but also [science]. One must recognize the role of the Anunnaki and accept that the Sumerian texts are not "myth" but [factual reports]. Scholars have made much progress in this respect, but they have not yet arrived at the total recognition of the factual nature of the text.

Although both scientists and theologians are by now well aware of the Mesopotamian origin of Genesis, they remain stuborn in brushing off the scientific value of these ancient texts. It can't be science, they hold, because "it should be obvious by the nature of things that none of these stories can possibly be the product of human memory" (to quote N. M. Sarna of the JewishTheological Seminary in Understanding  Genesis).  Such a statement  can be challenged only by explaining, as I have repeatedly done in my writings, that the information of how things began--including how Man himself was created--indeed did not come from the memory of the Assyrians, or Babylonians or Sumerians [but] from the knowledge and science of the Anunnaki/Nefilim.They too, of course, could not "remember" how the solar System was created or how Nibiru/ Marduk invaded the solar System, because they themselves were not yet created on their planet.