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Angel Talk Radio Live

Angel Talk Radio Live


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Hosting Angel Talk Radio live from DC to over 5 states in 2003 & 2004 & TV since 2005. Jim & Sandy Young will share messages of hope & light for today, predictions for the future, and understanding all things spiritual.

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Our search to find the codes for life is our way to understand our connection to spirit, the universe and nature. When we discover these connections, it helps us align ourselves with a greater system. All codes have a sacred geometry... more

Are you aware of the trees and plants that can help when you are sad, nervous or have an emotional situation? Understand the beneficial purposes of trees, plants and nature for healthy balanced living. We will cover many different types... more

As we continue our talk on The Evidence of Things Not Seen, we will be covering areas of the bible codes, the consciousness of our solar sun and the laws of Karma along with other topics. As we discuss many subjects, we will link the... more

Let there be light, happened when a movement took place within the consciousness of the creator. The "I Am that I Am" are revealing the biblical codes of calling forth the light and allowing the highest vibration of universal light... more

We are living in a time of expanding consciousness. The planet, cosmos, sun and even we are all going through major changes. It is a period of time where we are rapidly evolving spiritually. Our beliefs are being challenged as we consciously... more

Is there a place in the stars that you would call home? Do you feel a connection to your galactic family? We will be covering different star locations and some of their purposes for helping the people on this planet. As we evolve in... more

Foretold for thousands of years are the predictions about certain cosmic events. Many of those predictions are now apparent all around us. NASA and other space research agencies are confirming many. Join us as we cover the upcoming... more

Learn how connecting to the Dolphins can expand human consciousness. Some of the questions we will be covering are, who they are, what it is that makes them so special to this planet and other planets throughout the galaxy and what... more

Our spiritual evolution is now entering a great portal opening upon the grand cross of time and space. With it comes a massive influx of cosmic light. This acceleration is shifting us into higher dimensional ways of thinking and... more

The Soul is the connection to Spirit and through life experiences it learns to return its attention to a higher purpose. The soul is what journeys during the dream state and is what moves into the body at birth then returns to spirit at death. We will... more