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Hosting Angel Talk Radio live from DC to over 5 states in 2003 & 2004 & TV since 2005. Jim & Sandy Young will share messages of hope & light for today

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Expecting and recognizing those opportunities when our higher self may temporarily seat itself in our physical body allowing us to do great things when god calls us. Learn how to attract these opportunities and know when... more

Our physical body is a temple for the presence of the love and light of God and by beginning to understand that to live a loving life is to be loving. We must learn to use the strength of our will power to create a peaceful place within us. When... more

Our thoughts are the builder blocks of our character, nature and what we wish to manifest. The emotions control our desires and passions. We can direct our emotions towards a desire to learn music, languages, have certain careers... more

When we can see the manifestations in our lives and in others, we will be closer to loving God. Who we are is reflected by our connection with all life around us and how we treat it. When we can manifest in lawful means then it brings... more

When we pray we are connecting to a source of creative energy greater than ourselves. Understanding the secrets of successful prayer as practiced by individuals such as King David and even Jesus, can mean all the difference in... more

Light, Love and Law all describe the very essence of God. Consciously learning to incorporate these three principals into our everyday life can bring joy, prosperity, better intuitive abilities and strength, all leading to a more spiritiual life.

Follow with us as we cover some of the latest World events and some of the insights that the Angels share with us. We will touch on a variety of subjects this week. Many events are happening fast, some put a big question mark in... more

Once again, we bring you more updates on the latest current events and the insights of the Angels about these events. Each of us has a special role in life and the Angels can guide us with their directions and insights, to make our path... more

As we cover topics on current world events, the Angels will share their insights and interpretations on these events. Everything around us is happening so fast, the Angels have said that this time is one of great spiritual growth as we... more

We will be bringing you more of the latest events that are occuring around the world. The Angels will be giving us insights on these events with their higher points of view. As we reach into many subjects, try to broaden our... more