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Angel Talk Radio Live

Angel Talk Radio Live


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Hosting Angel Talk Radio live from DC to over 5 states in 2003 & 2004 & TV since 2005. Jim & Sandy Young will share messages of hope & light for today

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As each of us takes more responsibility for our health, we find that turning back to natural ways is proving to be one of our best ideas. Many of our nature ways relates back to our grandparents and relatives before them and the traditions... more

The promises of God declare our divine heritage and royal birth, yet often we feel held back by genetic disposition or family ancestry. Hear how the promises of God can move us beyond the past and we can begin to manifest the blessings that... more

We are all Galactic Star Seeds of great intelligence. Learn how to access these seeds of information so that you can unlock your true potential. Now is the time. We are born for greatness. Nothing separates you from the greatest heroes of... more

We have experienced many changes recently; learn the secrets behind these changes. As our consciousness quickly unfolds, what can we expect in the near future? We will be covering the electric grids, solar flares, cosmic events,... more

There has never truly been a better chance to ride the crest of the wave of this incoming new consciousness. Understanding the cosmic waves, how they can either bowl you over if you are not prepared or lift you high above the chaos,... more

In today's uncertainty concerning nutrition, GMO's and other harmful factors, many unseen, it is becoming necessary to learn the secrets of sustainability. Even if you live in an apartment, townhouse or own a little area of land, there are things... more

The great-unchartered territory, to boldly go where Angels fear to tread. What are truly the secrets to a good relationship whether it is work related, family, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, child and parent, or just one friend... more

We need to be aware of the changes around us. The shifts in our emotions that are causing the up and down feelings are important at this time. A lifting of consciousness is occurring and much is trying to interfere with it. Knowing that... more

When you see a Rainbow, is it just a coincidence? The spiritual significance of a Rainbow occurs in special ways and for a reason. Have you ever seen a double or triple Rainbow? Find out the true reasons why a rainbow has appeared... more

With so many changes happening in our lives, the level of stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, headaches, feeling pressure within, depression, anger and more, all of these conditions make our lives difficult to deal with. Many are turning to... more