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Angel Talk Radio Live

Angel Talk Radio Live


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Hosting Angel Talk Radio live from DC to over 5 states in 2003 & 2004 & TV since 2005. Jim & Sandy Young will share messages of hope & light for today

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One of the last great hurtles we experience in life as spiritual beings, is to move beyond the hurts and emotional slights. Through forgiveness, we can raise into a higher state of consciousness. This final step helps eliminate the limitations by the lower realities.
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You are probably feeling and sensing something is different. You may feel a little confused at times, yet you may feel like you are becoming more aware. Our consciousness is expanding. We are in time of great change. Some of the... more

Knowing and understanding the key words from ancient times can bring about the desired manifestation in prayer that the prophets of old understood. If you have ever felt that you have unanswered prayers, maybe the key is the... more

We could be months away from a major consciousness shift. Two distinct paths are before us. Choosing the one will lift you above the chaos, the other will put you into it. The key is to have the wisdom to choose the right path. Over the... more

Abundance and prosperity are available if you understand the changes that we are going through. We are facing decisions that will rearrange our way of thinking; we must understand the bigger purpose behind all of this. Moving into a... more

Is the Universe expanding? Is our physical reality that exists within this four dimensional continuum about to change? Hermann Minkowski said that space by itself and time by itself is doomed to fade away but a union of the two will... more

Our search to find the codes for life is our way to understand our connection to spirit, the universe and nature. When we discover these connections, it helps us align ourselves with a greater system. All codes have a sacred geometry... more

Are you aware of the trees and plants that can help when you are sad, nervous or have an emotional situation? Understand the beneficial purposes of trees, plants and nature for healthy balanced living. We will cover many different types... more

As we continue our talk on The Evidence of Things Not Seen, we will be covering areas of the bible codes, the consciousness of our solar sun and the laws of Karma along with other topics. As we discuss many subjects, we will link the... more

Let there be light, happened when a movement took place within the consciousness of the creator. The "I Am that I Am" are revealing the biblical codes of calling forth the light and allowing the highest vibration of universal light... more

We are living in a time of expanding consciousness. The planet, cosmos, sun and even we are all going through major changes. It is a period of time where we are rapidly evolving spiritually. Our beliefs are being challenged as we consciously... more