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Angee Ang invites you to come in and chat with her. A variety of guests with a variety of experiences to encourage and enlighten....Angee Ang is at the door...Come chat for a while

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***Listen in as I have an after school talk with my daughter about the Lord yesterday. I felt a stirring from the Lord so I recorded it. May you find a nugget or two in what I share with her to bless you....It's from the LordI. God Bless,... more

My answers to a question raised during discussion last week.

Angee Ang shares a Mommy moment on BEAUTY...recap from this morning's conversation with my daughter.....

Recorded during my 6am quiet time thoughts on Saturday Jan 12, 2013. Hope this blesses you!

Recorded Inspiration from a portion of my quiet time, Tues Jan 8 2013 @ 4:30am. Unable to upload the prayer due to time limits. Please feel free to contact me for more info. I pray this encourages you.

Previously recorded...Woke up EARLY one December morning (2:30am) and felt like talking. So, I did...with my eyes closed! (LOL) It took me a minute to get my thoughts going, but in the end I believe SOMETHING I said will bless you!... more

Special Guests: Raina J & Ronald with an "R" Listen to an excerpt from my test show with special guest, my daughter, Raina J from "In Da House with Raina J" During the show, a "SPECIAL" caller, "Ronald with an R" (my father & Raina J's... more