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Why Im thinking of making this more of a religious show

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The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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  I'm so damn sick and tired of being stuck in the category of Politics Conservative. In fact, my experience on BTR has shown me that Conservatives too can be idiots to [or at least many people on the politics Conservative end]. People have hated [or have been sick and tired of the fact] that I talk about Israel and not about this, that or whatever or blah blah blah blah. I know that I haven't really belonged in these BTR social clubs, which doesn't bother me. Just as plenty of people in the Politics Conservative section talk about the world from a Christian perspective, I'll talk about the world more from a Jewish perspective. Also, it gets boring to only keep on talking about how Israel is the victim of this or that of whatever without looking at it from a Torah perspective. Of course, I still have the same views about Israel and that scam known as Palestinianism. But neverthess, as God gave me the ability to do this show, it's only fair to use it for someone positive; like singing God's praise instead of just bashing people, which is what BTR has basically become. For clearly, political discussion on BTR has turned into name calling and personal attacks. Rhetoric on BTR has become as Godless as can be [no, I'm not putting myself as the model; for I too have done trashy things]. Tune in, as I discuss why this will be more of  a religious show; as it is good for the soul [especially the Jewish soul] to sing the praises of God and Torah. For Torah is my way of being, not political Conservatism or any political ideology. For Torah is the key to eternal life; since it comes from God. For as stated, since God gave me the ability to do this show, it's only fair to sing God's praise. For trashy talk on BTR is nothing more than Godless temptation.