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The MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) is probably the best-known personality model: Are you an Extrovert or Introvert, Thinking or Feeling, Sensing or Intuition...? INTERFAITH ENGAGEMENT host Alexis Easton will describe the basics of the model to help you figure out your "type."

The MBTI uses four binary "preferences" (E or I, T or F, S or N, and J or P) which generate one's 4-letter "type" -- e.g., ISFJ or ENTP (there are 16 types).  What guidance do our "preferences" and our "type" give for how we live and where we find satisfaction? What is the value of the MBTI for pre-marital or vocational counseling? Is our "type" inborn or does it change over time? What are the criticisms of the MBTI?

We'll share stories of how the MBTI is used by couples, pastors, friends, family members to help us humans navigate the challenges of living together. This week's  Program #1 -- 9/3/18 -- will focus more on MBTI basics and individuals. Program #2 -- 9/10/18 -- will discuss collective/community applications: How do different organizational cultures display their cultural type?  Please join us -- whatever "type" you may be... or think you are!