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Roly Orihuela Will be announcing the release of his new album Blueprints Of The Underground. Roly's album was inspired by his deep seated patriotism and features songs that have been heard on Glenn Beck. Our... more

Pat Jenkins created the non profit organization the National 912 Project. With the belief that change needed for our country to reemerge as the greatest and most respected country on earth starts with her people. All Americans have the... more

Roundtable discussion of Health Care, Iran, Afghanistan, Economy, Racism, Czars. Party of Transparent Frauds.. Corrupt Politicians that refuse to step aside due to personal gains not what is best for America... Democrats divided... more

We will be discussing how Liberals in America are destroying the greatest nation in the world.
American Patriots

Are We Going Socialist? Or Am I Crazy?

  • by American Patriots
So now here we are with a President and Congress getting ready to pass one of the largest Socialist Packages ever to be seen. We keep hearing abou thow it is a recovery plan. I disagree. We have heard the words "If we dont act now we are... more

Brad Rees will be joining our show to announce his run for Congress. Founder and Project Manager of Operation:Bullhorn, a campaign to write in “FairTax” in the 6th District of Virginia.

How our politicians have taken us for a ride toward destruction. How WE must put a stop to the spending politics as usual corruption deception lies. Why we must fight against GLOBALIZATION.

Tired of Wasteful Spending, Tired of the lies, Rhetoric Never Changes, Both Parties Selling Us out, Get these Clowns out of Office.. Why No Change. Its all Corrupt....

This episode will be about promises of politicians in office. They continue to lie and get away with..