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CHEMTRAILS: An INHUMANE Act on a Population

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Listen now and 'prove' to yourself that chemtrails are not contrails. CHEMTRAILS are toxic chemicals sprayed by aircraft over crops, nature, water, and human beings, which is an INHUMANE act on a population, a CRIME against humanity, ASSAULT on Earth, and all life.

The debate about chemtrails ends the moment you look at the sky over your head. We offer facts and resources; something you can do now is ask for police protection from chemtrails. Do it anonymously if you like for the love of yourself, your family, and natural systems required for survival. + Chemtrails May Contain Bio-Engineered RFID Chips in the Form of Nano-Fibres

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Our guest Yacob Yoseh is a technical specialist with a proven track record in higher mind problem solving techniques. Yacob's Mother after 20 years on medication, and with doctor’s approval, no longer required medication thanks to Yacob's research into endocrinology. His study and application of math, physics, chemistry, electronics, and computer programming, resulted in handling large capital projects in the range of $400 million. 

Learn about your host Doreen Agostino, and free self-realization resources at Please forward our programs to peacefully end the mess we are in.

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