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Align Shine Prosper

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Align Shine Prosper radio unveils reality as it is not how you’d like it to be. Tune in for the Truth and resources to raise your awareness and right the wrongs from the inside out. There is a big SHIFT underway in us, and the control system that has limited human potential for millennia. How easily or difficult we transition into a new era of peace and freedom is up to everyone. Tune in and tune up your ‘inner’ technology, the most sophisticated Technology ever to grace this Earth.

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Monkey is clever. Monkey is a trickster. Remember that because 2016 is the year of the RED Fire Monkey, as well as Super Shemitah ending Oct 02, US Presidential election Nov 08, Jubilee Year ending Nov 20, and very likely we will... more

March 2016: This will be a time seeding incredible change, seeds will be planted to provoke a close review of life purpose. The solar eclipse in Pisces occurs in the energy of the Super ‘New Moon' of March 8th and the eclipse will... more

Listen now and 'prove' to yourself that chemtrails are not contrails. CHEMTRAILS are toxic chemicals sprayed by aircraft over crops, nature, water, and human beings, which is an INHUMANE act on a population, a CRIME against... more

Nicole Lebrasseur is a woman of vision and action. Nicole's in depth research into colonization of America, and no nonsense common sense solutions, compel each of us to prevent extermination of sovereignty in our lives and communities.... more

Former Missile Defense Consultant Dr. Carol Rosin co-authored the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty with distinguished others identified during our program, reveals a plan to weaponize space for the purpose of world... more

Author of Engaging Emergence and winner of the 2011 Nautilus Award for Conscious Business and Leadership, Peggy Holman is a pioneer in social technologies. To effectively work with swirling planetary change requires a... more

On the verge of a 2nd major emotional breakdown, in desperation Paul Greblick said to God 'I give!' Shortly after that Paul sensed the presence of Angels, who helped him break-through to wellness. The Arch Angels taught Paul how the... more

Over the past 10-12 years, using highly sophisticated brain imagery tools, there has been an explosion of research and EVOLutionary findings about how the human brain works. Neuropsychologist and meditation teacher Rich Hanson Ph.... more

Tune in with Dr. Bruce Lipton, to breakthrough unawareness with new Self awareness, as truth formerly withheld, distorted, buried, denied, or that we just weren't ready to process, surfaces for us to bring it to rest. Listen to the history... more
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