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Align Shine Prosper is leaving Blog Talk Radio. Thank you for listening to our programs, and please download recorded programs that are meaningful to you before Aug 04, 2014. This tract of humanity is gifted the RAREST of opportunities to step up the spiral of evolution and begin anew through expanded awareness, reclaiming our birth right to live free, healthy, and happy in a peaceful and coherent new world cycle. If ever there was a time for humans to mature and cooperate before the 'shift hits the fans' it is now. Let's help one another become the best we can be. With thanks, Doreen Agostino. To learn more subscribe free: BLOG VIDEOS [expansion underway] and TWITTER

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This program is farewell and thank you for subscribing, and listening, to Align Shine Prosper radio. You can download recorded programs that are meaningful to you up to Aug 04, 2014, the day we leave Blog Talk Radio. The reality of a rare... more

Humans reap what we SEW [Society Environment Wealth]. In other words, it's time to grow up and out of extreme deception that keeps individuals cycling in unawareness, powerlessness, fear, limiting beliefs and patterns. This broadcast... more

If you have completed Levels I and II listen now, to finalize the process, and liberate yourself from the core fear matrix. Please let others know they can begin Level I at anytime... more

Earth will evolve just fine. It's ourselves we need to focus on preserving. The re-building of this Earth Garden, for which many of us are impatiently waiting, requires more humans to wake up to our 'inner' technology, which is SOULar... more

Listen now to unplug from the core fear matrix. The more people involved in personal transformation, the more empowered we are collectively to heal the past and re-build this Earth Garden with most ease. Please share a link to our... more

Listen now and 'prove' to yourself that chemtrails are not contrails. CHEMTRAILS are toxic chemicals sprayed by aircraft over crops, nature, water, and human beings, which is an INHUMANE act on a population, a CRIME against... more

It's often said that 'Life is what you make of it'. Film Analyst and Author of a new book 'Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover's Guide to the Law of Attraction' BRENT MARCHANT illustrates the wisdom of this time-honored... more

Leverage this rare time line by strengthening a brief meditation, to finalize our intention and collective focused attention, to clear Roman Obelisks and outgoing ley line web. In person or in spirit through our hearts which know exactly what... more

Rev Kevin Annett sets the stage for the fall of Rome and rise of humanity, before a brief global meditation on Mar 30 to finalize clearing Roman Obelisks and the outgoing ley line web. In person or in spirit through our hearts, which are an... more

During the close of this world age cycle foretold as 2012 all roads lead to Rome. Awakening to evidence of crimes against humanity, natural resources, and life itself, can feel like walking through a minefield. Feeling powerless is completely... more
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