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Tune in to Align Shine Prosper radio for best possible solutions as host Doreen Agostino interviews modern scientists, physicists, cosmologists, doctors, attorneys, award winning authors, world activists, and other people of good conscience, to raise awareness based on higher physics of creation, evolutionary principles, and evidence, of a rare and natural world age shift we are passing through. Tune in, tune up, and step up, into who and what you truly are, through freewill Power to transform adversity into best possible solutions, dignity, well-being, sovereignty, and prosperity. To empower a greater destiny, click the social icons to forward our programs. Align-Shine-Prosper is also on iTunes. All programs display EDT. Check shows for date and broadcast time. For your time zone copy and paste

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Indigenous people and activists of good conscience have long raised awareness of 2012, Shift of The Ages, Revelations; the end of extreme deception, economic manipulation, brutalization of natural resources, human enslavement, and the... more
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It's often said that 'Life is what you make of it'. Film Analyst and Author of a new book 'Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover's Guide to the Law of Attraction' BRENT MARCHANT illustrates the wisdom of this time-honored... more

Leverage this rare time line by strengthening a brief meditation, to finalize our intention and collective focused attention, to clear Roman Obelisks and outgoing ley line web. In person or in spirit through our hearts which know exactly what... more

Rev Kevin Annett sets the stage for the fall of Rome and rise of humanity, before a brief global meditation on Mar 30 to finalize clearing Roman Obelisks and the outgoing ley line web. In person or in spirit through our hearts, which are an... more

During the close of this world age cycle foretold as 2012 all roads lead to Rome. Awakening to evidence of crimes against humanity, natural resources, and life itself, can feel like walking through a minefield. Feeling powerless is completely... more

The biggest obstacle to shutting down illicit spraying of toxic chemtrails is citizen disbelief. Listen to our guests, read the enclosed links, then look up, way, way up, to acquaint your eyes with chemtrails, sprayed day and night by aircraft... more
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