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Hard hitting life/liberty/ happiness issues.. surviving the glibalists.Govt corruption.finance of the day..love.life.

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They lie. Steal..DESTROY..com..wreak havoc...like the satanic pigs they are...ever the Bush's used fake names!

The global cabal has gone berserk..insane draconian laws..international destabilization is theyre religion..we have been rendered defensless!!

make no mistake,,this is real,,henry vinsons book was no joke,,fbi does nothing,,cia,,nuttin,, THE DOJ IS ALSO A MAFIA GATEKEEPER,,PERIOD!

cheney was ceo of haliberton,,bush ran security at wtc 911,bush ran orphans to barney franks hse in "operation brownstar",,bankers launder drug cartel cash.... and you pay taxes to this criminal mafia enterprise????

elections rigged,,liars run dc,,the truth is they are grafters for the nwo,,whats to come of this so called election!!???????///maybe al sharpton should run>???

What is the real issue in the world?? Israel is the real issue??????? Are we being plagued by 6k YR old WARRIOR tribes?? So many facts hidden!!!!! I've looked at this!! Its really an issue!

Did the media lie,about 911?? Yes. Are the bankers of the world funding ISIS?? Maybe?? Is ISIS,a breakaway al- QEADA ?? Yes!!! Will it end.. No..the Congress is Zionist CONTROLLED. As per Mr dyke and others!

The facts are everywhere..no one can deny Agenda21 is in its final stages.. OBAMA/Jarrett run the brotherhood's takedown operations!! Heroin/COCAINE and human TRAFFICING as well as the IMF/cfr are a MAFIA..a terroristic oligarchy... more

Drugs and Macias run the economic engine in the USA ..has been an issue since1938.. Heroin and cocaine are a BUSH favorite..Poppy" GHW BUSH ran it all along with buffet and wall st.. FUNDS phony war and built prisons and... more

We do we call all horror events anniversary..why not a day of mourning..!!