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Hard hitting life/liberty/ happiness issues.. surviving the glibalists.Govt corruption.finance of the day..love.life.

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There is no more debate.. He is a shill destroyer for the NWO!

I've read the books..the un.UNESCO CFR crapola.. Its time to get real!?

Its happening..its all top obvious..is this the summer of another " end game" assault on our freedom and intelligence??

For 6 yrs I've watched and listened to the ratcheting..the federal govt over reach and Hitlers racism start riot after riot..in Greece the bankers..now in the USA the black so called leasers.... Yea..leaders alright.. Lures is more like it..... more

No day but our VP did 911..no doubt all the wealth is not on USA soil .no doubt Nazis have and do run the USA... Its here..the end.

No doubt..they have stated this in so many documents..books etc..just look around!

Well.there you have it..30yrs..hell on earth the nwo wants..

Has the internet taken away our. Real ability to protest effectively to carnage and atrosity??

The facts are everywhere..from 911 to Isis.to Chicago black sites to s hooks.what the hell are you doing about it??

Great day to talk politics,and global now goons..etc