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Hard hitting life/liberty/ happiness issues.. surviving the glilobalists.Govt corruption.the hellish reality of a fake govt run by the UN backdoor shadowy maniacs..msm lies and a bit of finance of the day..love.life.!!!

On-Demand Episodes

The globists are on a end game tear because the people sheeple hobits will never give in..ever!

War.pharma.weapons manufacturerers.msm.mental and social illness are a chaos boon..made to order!!! We are in end game hellish control grid nightmare!

The amount of false flags as Boston.sandyhook.Orlando..even 911 are getting more frequent!! Why!? Because Hillary dillary indoc..that's why!

No doubt he has warrants in 6 countries..funds terrorists and is obamao and Clinton deep pockets a psycho!

Msm is a zombie org.govt and fake $$$ are making idiots out of degreed sheep..its over for the us citizen soon.

After 150 yes of lies..wars..corruption.oligarchs and end game shock events..is this really the end of USA??

the federal govt has been named a threat by putin..theyve gone insame and the world knows it!!!

we are never ever going to see peace again..on earth.. the fact is we never have and religion is sometimes sedation.. so many lies for a century.. so many more to come!

the endless lies deception and evil agendas will ramp up..7 yrs of psych warfare and no end in sight!..i tell you as much as i xan in 30 minutes!

They lie. Steal..DESTROY..com..wreak havoc...like the satanic pigs they are...ever the Bush's used fake names!