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Does God Really Exist

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Ahmadiyyat The True Islam

Ahmadiyyat The True Islam


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I do not mean to ask whether or not you sometimes feel any relationship with God or whether thinking about Him, prevents you from evil because such a condition could even be true of a person who has insight enough not to deny the existence of God. Every now and then, the idea occurs to him thatGod, Who has created him and controls the universe, may indeed exist and that some day he may have to be answerable to Him. Of course, such a person would feel a certain association with the idol of an imaginary god, and this thought may at times stop him from sin and urge him to do good, and he might at times manage to look beyond the material things towards God and feel that real trust can only be placed in Him. But such a state cannot be called true faith, rather it is a state of doubt which keeps him swaying like a pendulum. It can only be called true faith when it becomes a permanent part of one’s life and takes root in one’s heart as an eternal truth. It should become the food for his soul and a beacon to warn him of all the dark alleys of sin. Through such faith the paths of righteousness are illuminated for him and all material things lose their significance. He no longer depends on material means but places his real trust in God—the ultimate Cause of all causes. The fire of Divine love continues to blaze in his heart, and the fear of earning His displeasure overwhelms his entire being.

Do you really find such faith in your hearts? If not and that is most likely to be the case then please do not claim yourselves as believers. Seek true faith which descends from heaven and lights up the farthest and darkest recesses of the heart like a powerful lamp instead. When this happens, God shall cease to be a figment of your imaginations and shall reveal Himself in His true form, as a Living, Self-Subsisting and Omnipotent Sovereign, Who is Loving and Kind. His Kingdom shall become far more evident and manifest than that of earthly monarchs.