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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam. Founded in 1889, it spans over 200 countries with me

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The doctrine of Trinity, which is one of the fundamental constituents of Christian dogma, was absent from Christianity during the lifetime of Jesus Christ. The maximum one can grant is that this doctrine started taking shape after the... more
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The person of Christ is vitally important to the contemporary world. His importance does not remain confined to the Christian world alone but also to other major religions such as Judaism and Islam in particular. If these powerful religions... more

When we look at the facts of Crucifixion and consider what happened and why it happened, Redemption and its related philosophy, we find conflicting answers from various early sources. I have chosen to address this question solely from a... more

In the divine scheme of regulation of the relationship between men and women, Islam has assigned a position of dignity and honour to woman. Such beneficent regulation is essential for peace, comfort, happiness, continuation of the species... more

In many societies, a woman is still regarded as a second-class citizen and deprived of various basic rights enjoyed by the male population. Deeply resenting this discrimination, they have championed a fight to obtain for themselves an... more

Dr. John Alexander Dowie was an American who proclaimed that God has in the ?Spirit and Power of Elijah? sent him. He set forth to spread Christianity. He also stated that he intended to wipe out Islam. He made insulting remarks about the... more

Ahmadiyyat is, what we might call, a messianic sect of Islam. In order to avoid what I might call the "cold bath syndrome" I will make some brief prefatory remarks. Such a preface may avoid the shock and confusion of a plunge into... more

MUHAMMAD WAS A LAWBEARING PROPHET. THE Quran says that be was not a Messenger who brought newfangled doctrines (46:10). There had been lawbearing prophets before him, for instance Moses, through whom God had... more

The Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) – the perfect exemplar, the prince of peace, the pride of the universe – whose life was immaculate and whose character unimpeachable, came into the world as a mercy for all mankind. Yet,... more

Hadhrat Muhammad was Allah's Messenger for all mankind (4:80, 7:159, 34:29). He was sent as a mercy for all mankind (21:108). He received revelation from God as did previous Prophets (4:164, 42:4) and he was enjoined to convey the... more

Many years ago, I read a brief note in a newspaper on Arnold Toynbee's A Study of History. The note commented that the famous British historian had presented a unique philosophy of history based on the analysis of the development and... more