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Islam The True Religion of Peace and Compassion - part2

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Ahmadiyyat The True Islam

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I would like to turn towards an issue of great importance and of which there is an urgent need to deliberate and talk about in today’s world. What I wish to discuss is something that has caused Islamaphobia in the Western and non-Muslim. There can be no doubt that this state of fear and anxiety has been fuelled by the acts of certain so-called Muslims or so-called Muslim groups.

However there is also no doubt, that the acts of terrorism or extremism they perpetrate have nothing whatsoever to do with the true teachings of Islam. The very meaning of ‘Islam’ is peace, security and giving a guarantee of protection against all forms of harm and evil. Indeed, the Holy Quran declares that this is the teaching that every single Prophet of God taught.

Islam requires Muslims to abide by its teachings and fundamental amongst them is that they must not only fulfil the rights owed to God Almighty, but just as importantly they must also fulfil the rights owed to God’s Creation. The Quran has shined a bright light on the beauty of the teachings of all Prophets by making it clear that they all drew mankind’s attention to fulfilling the rights owed both to God and to His Creation.

How then could it be possible, that on the one hand, God has praised the qualities of all religions for urging mankind to fulfil the rights of God and of man, yet on the other hand God could enjoin the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), upon whom the Great Book was revealed, to not establish peace and security in the world? How could it be possible that they were instructed to cause destruction and to destroy the peace and security of the world? Certainly no wise person could ever accept this.

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