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Fasting is shortening your lifespan & destroying your brain

  • Broadcast in Nutrition



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Contrary to the teachings of proponents of fasting--- fasting doesn't "cleanse" or "rest" the liver. If anything, fasting overworks the liver by saturating it with toxins produced by fasting itself. Fasting can be dangerous in other ways, especially when undertaken or supervised by ideologists who are blind to its actual effects fasting has on the body. Fasting regimes are responsible for several deaths. The brain, which consumes more calories than any other organ can be damaged the most and has a constant need for glucose whether one is asleep or awake, one's metabolic rate varies with physical activity and by day and nighttime effects. The body's ongoing need for nutrition is met by nutrients stored in the cells and liver, circulating blood, and gastrointestinal contents. Fasting causes these storages to drop drastically and cause blood sugar to drop. This leads to a breakdown (catabolism) of muscle and other protein tissue for energy. During fasting, catabolism is a kind of "self-cannibalism" the by-products of which (ammonia and urea) lead to acidosis that produces weakness, fatigue, irritability, depression, depressed libido, and this self created acidosis state is a perfect environment for cancer.