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Black buffoons, social media, and the Trayvon Martin case.

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African Warlord X

African Warlord X


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In the past, Advertisers have effectively enabled major media outlets to define the identity of Black people. Television, the electronic liar, would have you believe that Black people are pre-occupied with eating at McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC. We spend our days watching soap operas and gossip media on wide-screen television sets. Childlike Black men engage in relationships with socially impatient, vulnerable Black women. Bloodsuckers like Mauri Povich and Newt Gingrich use the most ignorant elements within Black culture to define our youth. However, advertisers of various stripes have set into motion a civil war within the Black community. The civic and politically engaged majority which comprises the Black community are waging war against the buffoons that feed negative stereotypes created by media architects. This fight is not pleasing to advertisers. Since the Trayvon Martin travesty was being ignored by the major media outlets, the real Black community turned to cyberspace and created a voice that could not be ignored. The same diverse forces that gave rise to the Jena Six movement and Million Man March took on a life of their own. The grinning, clowning, and intellectually childish elements within our communtiy found themselves ignored and isolated. The New Black Liberation Militia gave law enforcement officials a thinly veiled mandate that justice will be honored " in one way or another. " The dominant white media had no choice in ceasing discussions about birth control pills. The silent anger created by racist Tea Party events and widespread disrespect of our beloved president has reached a boiling point. The lesson to be learned by Black activists is that we garner a tremendous amount of untapped power. Youtube, blogs, twitter, and facebook have given Black people a voice that rivals that of the dominant media, and their corporate advertisers. Cyberspace must keep us vigilant to fight the injustices that await us in the future. X