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Imagine dating a man who has five locks on his apartment door, gold teeth, and a leopard print carpet on his living room floor. Would you text your girlfriend 50 times a day to show her how much you care? Would you cook, clean, wash your man's dirty underwear, AND style his hair? What would you do if your girlfriend pressured you to get married? Is your Prince Charming REALLY all that? Join us as we discuss hilarious scenes from our book "The Secret to Creating Loving Relationships."
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Some people refuse to give God the glory--especially for the smallest things--because they always feel as if THEY'RE in control. They rely on their own efforts and understanding, and they look at everything logically. As a result, they... more

Glorifying God can have a major impact on your life! Learn how to have more peace, joy, and contentment in ANY situation. Sometimes you may experience disappointment or heartbreak and feel as if you were betrayed. Even when... more

The Bible says that we should glorify God...our praise of Him should be in our mouths and hearts at all times, not just on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or when He answers prayers. Why should we glorify God and how should we do this? What... more

We all have problems and go through so many things on a daily basis and even throughout our lives. What does it mean to be strong? Do you always have to be strong even when you feel like crying your eyes out, having a temper tantrum,... more

The holidays are right around the corner and this is the season when people start to think about being more grateful and appreciating what they have. There are 365 days in a year so we shouldn't only be grateful around the holidays. What... more

God speaks to us in so many different ways! Some of us expect God to communicate with us in a big, booming voice from the sky, but He doesn't talk to us like that. There's no limit as to how God will talk to us and it's usually... more

If you've suffered from poor self-esteem for most of your life, it's not too late to improve it. However, it's not an overnight process and it WILL take time so don't get discouraged if you have a setback or "mess up." This process is all about... more

What exactly is good self-esteem? Have you ever noticed how someone with true confidence appears to be radiant and positive? Your self-worth should not be based on the type of car you drive, how much money you have, how attractive... more

Believe or not men can be victims of domestic abuse. Why don't we know more about this? Because most men don't report the abuse because they are afraid that their reputation may be at stake. They also don't want to be viewed as... more

Are you fighting in front of your children? They're like sponges taking it all in. Will your child become an abuser because they mimicked you? You are responsible for that happening. You might not be physically killing your child when they... more