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Unraveling Secrets

Unraveling the Secrets


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Welcome to "Unraveling the Secrets." My name is Dennis Crenshaw. My co-host is Rick "Oz" Osmon. For the past 45 years we have been researching the connecting links between all things having to do with the secrets and pernicious deeds of a group of secret society outlaws who are working together behind the scenes to create a completely controlled world society with them as bosses and you and I as slaves to their system. This continuing scheme is popularly known as the New World Order, or the NWO. Our research actually began with the search for the origin of the so-called UFOs. My starting point in the mid-60s was the fact that they are real, nuts and bolts craft controlled by advanced civilizations with bases here on earth. The fact that these advanced technological aircraft exists as solid metallic flying machines is based on my personal up-close observation of one. My early research indicates that MOST of the unexplained airships we see in our skies are from somewhere ON or INSIDE our planet. This led to my research of the Hollow Earth/ Subterranean Theories in the 1980s-90s which led to my realization that the answers I seek are in the control of a number of elitist groups and secret societies that I call collectively the Controllers. And as even a quick look at recent worldwide events should convince anyone who is paying attention the Controllers plan is working very well, thank you. Sometime around 14 years ago I was joined in my research by our co-host, the OZ. It is these things and more that we will explore on this radio show. Join us as we work towards . . . Unraveling the Secrets.

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Dean DeLucia reports from Brazil. Gary Anderson interviews Stephen Basset during Stephen's Australian disclosure tour. Rick updates the BP oil spill conspiracy. Dennis reports on the Arizona immigration battle. Then we'll show... more

Greg Gavin of will join us for discussions of his astral visits to areas inside our planet.

Mary Sutherland, a pioneer of internet radio, went missing on us. Turns out she had a prolonged power outage and couldn't call in. We'll get Mary back as soon as scheduling permits. In her absence, we discussed our favorite... more

Anthony Peake and Crystal Storm grace this month's Special Edition. Anthony interviews Bill. Crystal tells us about her new book, "Synarchy: The Ascension".

Due to technical problems beyond our control our guest H. K. Edgerton scheduled for last week didn't make it. However, he WILL be here this week! we welcome a uniquely qualified guest, H. K. Edgerton who will give us information concerning... more

In observance of the 234th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence our special guests were Robert "Bob Cat" of the Haunted Hillbillies TV show on, Jackal of the Jackal's Head... more

Insider’s Worldwide Reports. It’s time for our monthly segment of various paranormal and conspiratorial reports from around the globe. Gary Anderson our Australian Insider with an interview with Steve Bassett from downunder. Insider... more

A night of Insight into the happenings of our times from an angle the controllers would rather us not look at w/guest call-in. Dennis looks at the history of time capsules.

Unraveling the Secrets unveils its "Special Edition" segment, a once monthly (for now) daytime slot. We are joined by our UK correspondent, Anthony Peake, who will interview Miguel Conner, self-described as "Host of Aeon Byte... more

Larry Arnold is an expert on spontaneous human combustion and is the author of Ablaze!
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