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Ancient Glass Structures on the Moon & Secret Chinese Missions - PART 1

  • Broadcast in Science
The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight


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Why -- after almost half a century of "benign neglect" (if not outright institutional disdain) -- is the US Government, in the form of President Trump's new "Space Directive #1," suddenly championing the idea of "NASA astronauts, for the first time in over fifty yearsreturning to the surface of the Moon?"

Why are NASA (and the Russians ...), in the midst of major geopolitical confrontations reminiscent of the old "Cold War"  ... suddenly talking publicly about setting up a "Gateway" orbital station to the Moon -- together?!

Why have the Chinese, over the previous decade, quietly been sending mission after unmanned mission into lunar orbit ... culminating (in 2013) with an historic landing of a robotic Chinese spacecraft (Chang'e-3 -- named after the Chinese "Goddess of the Moon") on the surface of a previously totally unexplored region, called "Mare Imbrium?" 

And why are they now planning an even more dauntingly ambitious, never-before-attempted exploration -- by a follow-on mission, named "Chang'e-5" -- of the forever hidden and mysterious Farside of the Moon (the side we can never see from Earth)?

Why, suddenly, is everyone "going back to the Moon?!"

Airing-Special "Two Part Lunar Weekend" -- we will show you  why it will change EVERYTHING on Earth.

Join us.