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Don Royce Roy Dominguez and Tomas Estrada-Palma discuss current events

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There is a difference between the two. For Cuban exiles to be effective in information war they must understand the difference between the two. Because I can tell the difference Canadians, Europeans and others give this exile... more

Cuba is changing but we must not let happen to Cuba what has become of the U.S. We must not allow Cuba to be exploited by the international banker cartel and their funny fiat inflated money system. We must eliminate all land hoarding... more

They have been protecting us since the days of George Washington. Tune in to Cuba Exposed and I will explain the whole treasonous plot that almost succeeded. Fortunately, one smart general recognized what was happening, took action and... more

Cuba is important but the collectivist dogs have taken over America. We are surrounded now and we have a tough fight ahead. Tune in to find out who your enemy is so you'll have a fighting chance. We're all been so stupid - but not for... more

Will Raul flee the nation in the dead of night or will he die a death fit for a Romanian dictator?

Cubans are angry here and in Cuba. Governments need to get out of our way!


There is only one path to a free Cuba...tune in.

If you think the constitution is one's digestive process - you could be a collectivist...

Breaking through.