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An esoteric, allegoric view of past , present and future events in history

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Fifty years after Hagan and the others gunned down Malcolm on Feb. 21, 1965, questions linger around whether there was more — much more — to the killing. For now, though, the official answer is that Malcolm's murder was a... more

Oestrogen is the feminine sex hormone. Combined form of estrus + -gen. So called for the hormone's ability to produce estrus. The production, GENERATION, Genesis (Gen-ISIS) of ESTRUS. Estrus: "FRENZIED PASSION," from Latin... more

Wifi = Wireless Radiation Weapon that breaks DNA. All forms of wifi are a weapon designed and used for mind control and health destruction of us all. The below article looks at the concept of increasing the attack to a specific... more

Rome, Maryland was the name of Washington D.C. before the richest man, John Carroll, a Jesuit, donated the land. The White House is named after Jesuit, Andrew White, who helped found St. Mary's Maryland and returned to England... more

Global governance or world governance is a movement towards political cooperation among transnational actors, aimed at negotiating responses to problems that affect more than one state or region.While the establishment... more

During the fabled First Time or Zep Tepi, when gods, or aliens, ruled on Earth,Discoveries emerging from Egypt, describe the existence of a world wide pyramid temple system in prehistory, mounted like antennae on key energy... more

The Egyptians improved upon the sundial with a 'merkhet', one of the oldest known astronomical instruments. It was developed around 600 BCE and uses a string with a weight as a plumb line to obtain a true vertical line, as in the... more

"Lynch Law," says the Virginia Lancet, "as known by that appellation, had its origin in 1780 in a combination of citizens of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Col. Wm. Lynch drafted the constitution for this combination of citizens, and hence... more

Akhenaton presided over another important development in the Brotherhood. Although the young ruler had fared poorly as a political leader, he achieved everlasting fame for his efforts to champion the cause of monotheism, i.e., the... more

Sobek is the Stellar Pinch, the Crocodile jaw the most powerful pinch force measured of any animal on earth. Sobeks hieroglyphs describe the Anodic Sun Z-pinch Gravity Electrostatic. Matter is described by the hieroglyphs as gravity... more