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A weekly odyssey through the political news and current events that shape our world. The show features news, interviews, and political commentary for people who are tired of the mainstream media spin.

On-Demand Episodes

Republicans have responded to the great success of the ACA by completely going out of their minds. Conservatives are trying to discourage people from signing up, and they are even inventing their own data so that they can argue that more... more

It is an election year, which means that Republicans and the emo-prog left have returned to attempt to depress Democratic voter turnout by claiming that Democrats and Republicans are the same. Today, we put a stake through the... more

On Presidents' Day, George Zimmerman illustrated the kind of sociopathic racism that has gripped the right by claiming that he was a victim in the shooting that killed Trayvon Martin.

Republicans are once again claiming that President Obama is a dictator. It has become the GOP's favorite talking point to defend their own obstruction. Through a combination of facts, numbers, history, and common sense, this myth will... more

With Obamacare growing and looking like it will hit all of its benchmarks, President Obama is putting together an impressive string of victories as his Republican opponents are broken apart by infighting within their own party.

It is being reported that Harry Reid is considering going nuclear on all Republican filibusters. Liberal groups are pressuring him. His fellow Democrats are pressuring him. Reid himself is fed up with the constant Mitch McConnell led Republican... more

After Phil Robertson's racist and homophobic remarks to GQ, A&E's Duck Dynasty has lost half of their viewers for their season four peak. This development along with the national acceptance of same sex marriage, the movement to... more

From John Boehner to Paul Ryan, Republicans have responded to President Obama's efforts to use executive orders to help the middle class with the talk of an imperial presidency and impeachment. Republicans are wrong that... more

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