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PARANORMAL 101 - (All things Paranormal & Metaphysical) is a Guest based open minded talk show est in 2006. Bringing enlightenment in (lay mans) terms for the everyday people. "We do not claim to be for most scholars at anything" besides our own in-depth research. Speaking on such topics like Esotericism, Star Seeds/Indigo's/Crystals, E.T's, Sumerian, Nibiru, Anunnaki, UFOlogy, Quantum & METAPHYSICS, Zen, Mayan Calendar, 2012, Crystal Skulls, Ancient Text, Sacred Geometry, Kabbalah, Mysticism, Occult, Numerology & Enlightenment is our goal for a universal positivity using music and knowledge to uplift the minds and souls.We do not tolerate hate! ((R.I.P GEORGE DICKSON 6/14/2012)) Call-in Number: (347) 215-7949 Past Guests: Dr Richard Boylan, Dr Steven Haifield, DaEl Walker, Dyan Garris, Craig Hines, Michele Meiche PHD, George Dickson, Chad Lilly, Sawyer, Christine Hale, Crystal Embers, Garry Jones Harris, White Lotus Star, Julia k Cole, Erik (Poltorak) Parker, Crystal Storm, Brian Kannard, Dr.Liara Covert, Patty Greer, Jeff Grupp, Anne Ortelee, Christopher Penczak, Humanity's Team, Jason Martell, Michael Creme, Christopher Dunn, Stephen Myers, Patrick Cooke, Emsi Ma, Eloheem & Many of the usual cast on Paranormal 101

On-Demand Episodes

Metaphysical Music for the Mind. The best Paranormal and Meta Music on BTR. Tune in and tune out. A guest calls in and brings a lot of sense and wisdom to the table towards the end of the show. A must listen

ALIEN OVER LORDS! Q & A W/THE GREATEST TALK SHOW. We go over the many different scenarios concerning the aliens over and above us. A Joint show (LIVE SIMULCAST) W/Paranormal 101 & Holly Wood Tony P'

We're having a special guest who has experience being Abducted by Alien entities. A Story you must hear if you're into the Paranormal genre. Our special guest has had numerous abductions and he's here to share his story with the... more

UFO's and Alien agendas. With Host Hollywood Tony P & T.G.T.S. Hour 2: We have 2 special guest callers who elaborate in detail about the alien agenda along with UFO's and insight on the Anunnaki's and other alien races

R.I.P - Zecharia Sitchin "Dedication Show" (July 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010) A dedication show to one of the greatest minds of our time. The Paranormal 101 was honored to advocate and promote Sitchin's works through our time on... more

Celebrating 3 years of the most diverse metaphysical guests and knowledge. Along with a live simulcast of "The Greatest Talk Show" w/ Hollywood Tony P. Special guests, George Dickson, White Lotus Star expound on UFO's, Fractal... more

(Live Simulcast) of The Greatest Talk Show w/ Hollywood Tony P and Paranormal guest Laura Ketchlege for the first hour. 2nd hour is Emsi Ma and the Sumerian and Anunnaki origins and ancient text.

*Special Guest "Eloheem" (Kabbalah, Hermitics, Ancient Alchemy) Open Calls!

Join Host rystal Storm a.k.a DCS [The Mind of DCS] author/researcher of all things Paranormal and Modern Day Wizard Qumran Taj! "Q" as he is known to his friends is a writer, lecturer, educator, psychic and spiritual counselor. Qumran... more
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