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The Nadia Khalil Morning Show

The Nadia Khalil Morning Show


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All avenues to bridge your soul back to you. Discussions of how truth, love and purity are the cornerstones of our lives. How we heal our injuries and grow forward in our daily lives are our daily topics.

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Everyday is a new day. In relationships it means that you learn to communicate better, become more independent from each other and with each other and we find a way to live a life that suits both souls. Have our expectations of what... more

If we know everything is not perfect, nor is it meant to be perfect, why do we wait for everything to be perfect before we go on? Why do we look for the "perfect" partner, job, house, friend, food before we start something or make movements... more

Victimhood is becoming more and more transparent. Being a victim is a full time job that keeps you spinning in place as apposed to going on with your life. It is so amazing that it has robbed so many of us of ourselves as it has. What can we... more

Seek and Find

Being in a partnership is not about not wanting to be alone. Many people are happy on their own and always can be. In that, we seek each other? Why? Why do we feel happier if we are with someone even if the situation may bring with... more

When I was younger, before Cable TV, we would say, one day we are going to have so many channels we will not know what to watch. Hearing the news, listening to all the reach outs to help, to support causes, to leave everything up... more

It's there. It's always been there and every once in a while we see a glimpse of our own power. And then we quietly pretend it is not there. Some of us recognise that we can do something with that power. The power does not do the work for... more

We all have questions we do not have answers to. And we all have answers that at times we do not know what to do with. If you have a question, let's face it together and let's see what we find. You can inbox, chat or put your questions in... more

Dream and See. See and Learn. Learn and incorporate. Incorporate and grow. Grow and change. Dreams can be the biggest part of us giving the everyday us a message or two. What do our dreams mean and what do and why do we have... more

Why are there so many issues on the way into marriages and the way out of a marriage if there is even a way out? Why do we veiw marriages as a test of stability and how does leaving marriages do to our lives because of our... more