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At Long Last, Atlantis!

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The Hermetic Hour

The Hermetic Hour


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This Thursday September 29th, 2011, at 8:00, your Hermetic Hour host Poke Runyon will reprise the National Geographic Channel's special "Finding Atlantis."  This time it looks like we've finally got it, and pretty close to where Plato said it was. So we are devoting an hour to Atlantis in the Hermetic (Western Esoteric) tradition, from Plato to Francis Bacon, to Ignatius Donnelly, and beyond. We'll reveal archaeological and historical information you've probably never heard, and discuss why the real story of Atlantis has been suppressed. It may surprise you to learn that more ancient writers than Plato wrote about it, and more artifacts and evidence have been recovered than you've been led to believe, especially in southern Spain where the latest discovery has been made. We will discuss ancient Tartessos, the Minoan-Phoenician connection, the theories of De Santillana & von Dechend, Hapgood, the Ice Age, and the very ancient origins of the zodiac and the alphabet. You may come to suspect  that Atlantean architects and engineers  built the Great Pyramid (how and why we still don't know) --- but  human history is about to be overturned, so tune in and get the latest insight on the most ancient source of what we call Western Civilization.