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I play music to keep you dancing and, in the process, help you stay fit. Not to mention, I read aloud books to please those who have trouble reading.

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You read correctly, my followers and listeners. I will be in Kansas City for the fall semester. it's been long overdue since I went to ALPs University. I need to reclaim my role as Global Messenger. I didn't complete the assignment to complete my degree. Wish me luck!
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Marc, Darla, Sirina, and Madison split up in two teams. One searches for the town's history; the other maps the town. Both are gonna be rather difficult to complete. Four friends travel the longest interstate highway in America from... more

Here we are again. One of those weird checkiday.com holidays days where I can't decide which one to support. Some of the holidays I don't even know what they are. Geez! Can you help me out? Will you call in to sort things out for me?... more

The book starts off with four friends traveling I-90: Darla, Madison, Sirina, and Marc. They're really good friends, and we see how. They only hope their research will prove fruitful. Vicious rumors of River Springs need to be cleared!... more

This past weekend was such a roller coaster for me. I honestly don't know how to put it in words. Wait... actually, I think I might be able to - not positive. So much happened, though, that I know I won't be able to say it all in one show. That's... more

After Melissa gets home from her grandmother's, she realizes how much more difficult it will be to keep her secret. Geez, imagine what would happen if her whole class knew! Note: Just a friendly reminder that Not A Family Trait is NOT... more

After Angel makes everyone turn red from his steam, a member of the Wu family reveals himself. Yay! But it looks like he barely knows the ghost. Did his family not tell him? Note: Just a friendly reminder that Not A Family Trait is NOT part... more

13 holidays? Wow, it's a good thing there's no Friday the 13th this month... but it is October. Oh, Halloween is coming up! What shall we do on our Halloween Dance Monday? Comment below or call in to give suggestions. I'll look over... more

It's amazing how Melissa is taking everything in. Normally, a pre-teenager just wants to have fun. No worries in the world. But she has to find the Wu family. Angel's ghost won't leave her alone. Note: Just a friendly reminder that Not A... more

I'm running out of theatrical things to say. Uh oh! I need food in my belly, love in my family. Music is the soul, everyone! And I got songs stuck in my head. Lots of earworms that I need to play; not enough time in the world for you to hear. xD At... more

After meeting Sally Castaneda, Melissa seriously thought she'd find the Wu family with her help. Boy does she get a surprise. Not only will she help a young ghostly man cross over, but she finds out who Sally really is! Loosely based on... more