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    Keys for Dealing with Significant Loss

    in Current Events

    Dave and Beth Weikel suffered through a season of great loss, yet God is using their loss to provide hope and healing for others. Today on The River they offer specific ways for dealing with depression, fear and anger after a significant loss. They give us ways churches and friends can help people who are dealing with loss. They assure us we can know God cares for us even in the worst of times.  

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    Dow 17,000: Is This News Significant or Symbolic?

    in Finance

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been hanging around 17,000. But is this significant or just symbolic? Loren Danielson, senior vice president at RBC Wealth Maanagement, joins John Wordock.

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    A Significant Life with Aaron Walker

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you successful?  But are you significant. Often in our pursuit of success we sacrifice the very things we are trying to succeed for.  What if you reach all of your career goals and have no one to share it with?  Is that worth it?

    On this episode of Thriving Entrepreneur host Steve Kidd is joined by the creator of the View From the Top coaching program  Aaron Walker  to talk about how to be successful and significant.   Learn how to not sacrifice your life and those you love on the road to success

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    Your Soulmate IS NOT YOUR Significant Other! on "Conversation Of A Sistah"

    in Radio

    Your BFF has been there for you through thick and thin, boyfriends and breakups... and she'll still be there, no matter what. If that's not the definition of a soul mate, I don't know what is.

    I believe soul mates are not just in relationships, but they're in friendships, even if you marry your sweetheart, he is not your soul mate. We have many soulmates in this life but their purpose is all the same they are here to challenge and awaken us so our soul can evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Our Soulmates always arrive when we are ready for them and not a moment sooner. They arrive when we are ready to learn the lessons that we were destined to fulfill.

    Tune in at 6:30 p.m. EST as host Tracy L. Bell, discuss the true meaning and definition of a soul mate.

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    Living Your Dash in Style: Your Legacy of a Significant Life.

    in Culture

    Join Dr. Culbreth for Living Your Dash in Style: Your Legacy of a Significant Life.

    Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 8:00 pm EST 

    The topics will focus on living life to its fullest, pursing your dreams, rediscovering, reinventing and redefining you as you travel on your journey to the what next stage in life.  Food for thought: Are you living a fulfilling life - one that will note your dash as extraordinary and significant?  Are you happy? Do you know where you are going to?


    What Really Matters
    Living Your Dash in Style
    Rediscover, Reinvent and Redefine You
    Embracing the What Next Stage
    Celebrate, Embrace and Empower You
    Live Your Dream
    Do You Know?
    One Day at a Time
    Leave a Legacy of a Significant Life
    Ready, Set, Go


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    How to Live a Successful and Significant Life

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker is, without question, a veteran entrepreneur. Starting his first business at 18, and selling to a Fortune 500 company nine short years later, demonstrates Aaron’s passion for success. Unwilling to rest on past success alone, Aaron started, bought, and sold eight successful companies over the past 36 years.

    Having a strong desire for personal development has kept Aaron in a weekly mastermind group for more than a decade with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and seven other notable Nashvillians.

    Pursuit of Excellence:

    For 19 years and counting, Aaron has taken classes from and has been coached personally by his friend, financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Spiritual mentors David Landrith and Bob Warren have impacted his spiritual life beyond measure. Two other disciplined mastermind groups, 48 Days led by friend Dan Miller and The Torch have played a role in his understanding of how to live a significant, successful life. Aaron incorporates education and learning opportunities into his daily routine, remaining informed of the latest tools and trends available.


    It only took a few years as a partner with David Patton Construction LLC for Aaron to help take the business from doing one to two projects per year to a multi-million dollar company, voted number one builder for three consecutive years by Nashville's House & Home & Garden Magazine's People's Choice Awards. He sold his retail business to Cash America USA, a Fortune 500 company. 

    Today, Aaron spends the majority of his time helping men grow in success and significance as President and Founder of View from the Top, a premier life and business coaching resource.

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    Accepting When Your Significant Other Doesn't Love You

    in Relationships

    Tonight on It's Real Talk Radio we'll be disccusing accepting when your significant other doesn't love you. It's a hard thing to accept but it's something that millions of people face every day. But how does one determine when their significant other just doesn't love them? What are the signs? How would you handle it? What is your definition of true love? Tonight we're going all in full throttle so don't miss out!

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    Ep#2 - Catering To Your Significant Other

    in Entertainment

    Tune in Tonight 10/15 at 9pm est. to Hearts Exposed Heart for a stimulating discussion “Catering To Your Significant Other" Join us as we delve deeper into ideals and expectations that come with dating and being in a relationship. What is the concept of "catering" in a relationship? Ultimately what would you do for your significant other?, what determine limitations and boundaries when in a relationship? or When your in a relationship is it a sign of submission or duty to "Cater" to your significan other? Also take a look at trendy news on "What's The Daily?", plus 'Operation Get Right' my new healthy eating journey and much more.

    LISTEN, COMMENT & CHAT CALL-IN 347-989-0691 |

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    When do you decide to move in together with your significant other?

    in Radio

    When do you decide to move in together with your significant other?

    While in a serious relationship?
    After marriage? 
    During engagement?


    Do they leave the laundry around the house?
    Are they clean or messy?
    Who is going to cook?
    Do we eat differently?
    Who likes it quiet or who likes it loud? Who has company more?
    Who talks on the phone too much? Female shed hair all around the house!
    Leave the floor wet after showering. bathing? 
    Your partner may smoke the smoke may irritate you! 
    Snoring may be a factor? 
    Leaving TV on while sleep?
    Complain too much about around the house?
    May play video games too much? 


    Possibly share deep emotions together in a positive way?
    Learn each other more? 
    Connect on a level beyond means in a positive way? 
    You may love catering to your significant other?
    You get to practice every day loving one another?
    Waking up to someone you really care about?

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    Keys to being significant with author Franne McNeal

    in Self Help

    Have you ever dreamed of making a significant difference in your career?  Join me as I interview the author of “Significant! From Frustrated To FranneTastic; Inspirational Stories for the Entrepreneurial Woman” Franne McNeal as she shares how women can conquer frustration and have the career and life they want. 

    Franne McNeal, MBA, Significant Business Results Coach, helps business leaders convert market opportunities into significant business results: increased sales, improved cash flow, reduced expenses and greater profitability. Clients choose Franne when they want improvements in plans, people, process, performance and profits.

    As a breast cancer survivor and stroke survivor, Franne's keynotes motivate entrepreneurs who are "infected with frustration" and "paralyzed by fear", to "focus their energy for action and achieve significant business results".

    Franne is affiliated with premiere entrepreneurial programs: Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiatives, Tory Burch Foundation Women's Business Initiatives, Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, and Kauffman FastTrac.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Finding time for your significant other

    in Business

    Women find it difficult to find a balance between their businesses, their health, and their personal lives.  This show will have great advice from women that have found a great balance in their lives.  Women can have it all, they just have to make a few adjustments in the process of having it all.  We will have some great guest speakers on subject of how stress really affects your health, how to make sure that you spend time with yourself, and your family and how to find time to start or grow a successful business at the same time.