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    A pragmatic view of the world around us

    in Current Events

    Sit back and let me tell you my view of this crazy life around us. I just ad lib about what it's like to be me, being aware, intelligent, thoughtful....and to see how our lives have been hijacked by powers beyond our comprehension. I touch on all kinds of topics that should interest anyone, whether you agree with me or not. I am completely non-politically aligned and may well offend some of you. But free speech is something a free country should revere as critically important to freedom, yet all around us we're being targeted for being open in discussion. Scary times and scary precedents being set every day that are removing our freedoms. Remove yourselves from the matrix...and discover what it is to be free.

    Tonight's program....


    1) Covering some of the more unbelievable headlines in the world today

    2) Discussion of chemtrails (yes, they are real)

    3) Talk about the insanity of the US tax code


    Terrific chemtrail websites






    My cool website suggestion for the week....



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    A pragmatic view of the world around us

    in Current Events

    Topics covered this Wednesday will include the US FDA outlawing hemp oil, the hoax of Sandy Hook and other false flag events, the dumbing down of America, and other topics that will give cause for reflective thought in this crazy world.

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    A pragmatic view of the world around us

    in Current Events

    The world becomes a more crazy place every day, and I talk about my perspective of people, places and things involved in the insanity. We're all in a world of hurt if we can't stop those responsible for the decisions being made, laws being passed, what's being taught to our kids in school, poisons being incrementally added to foods we eat, vaccines we inject, air we breathe. A refreshing, practical and logical talk about becoming more aware of these things. Remember, I'm non-politically correct, and will say things that might offend some of you....that is your problem. If you don't like what I say, listen to someone else. For now, it's still a free country.

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    PNN - Dude_wheres_my_O2

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN - Where's my O2 - (SUB-Titled features Interviews by News Director and Producer Rick Spisak with Life sustaining guests like Brook Hines our Political Commentator and Associate Producer, Marty Baum Indian River RiverKeeper, Mary Westcott Higgins Candidate for Florida's House Dist 82, and Ms Skye Burns Dunne Therapist, Counselor  and Shamanistic Healer

    Marty Baum Baum Indian River RiverKeeper will discuss the massive FISH KILL in the Indian River and Banana River Lagoons, and the impact of Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature and infact the tone deaf leadership of the Brevard County Commission.

    Skye Burns Dunne Therapist, Counselor and Shamanistic Healer will discuss her work as a Therapist and Counselor for people who need to reconnect with their inner power. Her work has helped many deal with past trauma and improve communication and team work.

    Mary Westcott Higgins Progressive Democratic Candidate for Florida's House District 82,  her commitment to healing our environment and returning balance to the quality of life here in Florida. She is determined to bring sensible pragmatic progressive values to a state legislature that has handed off POLLUTION CONTROL to the POLLUTERS and has no problem Restricting Womens access to Health and Reproductive Care with little to no input from any Flroidian Women.


    TUNE IN SUNDAY - 7pm - Eastern / 4pm Mountain Time



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    How to Access Your Consciousness with Mary Guariglia

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' Radio is THE Self Empowerment place to meet where you get your weekly cup of inspiration with certified life coach Kathleen Martin, LOACC.  Listen to 'Enlightened Conversations' about what matters most and learn life coaching practices, processes and skills to help you live your best life!

    Coach Cafe' is thrilled to welcome guest expert, Lifestyle Coach and Access Consciousness®Certified Facilitator, Mary Guariglia!

    Access Consciousness® offers life-changing techniques, tools and processes are designed to empower you to create the life you truly desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in every day life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.  

    Mary Guariglia is also a contributing author of The Colors Of Now: Live Life Techni Color. 

    Learn More about Mary- www.seekyourjoy.com

    Meet Your Host:

    Kathleen Martin, LOACC- www.kathleenmartincoaching.com -receive your Free Quick Coaching 5 Part Audio Series, download your Coaching Wheel Tool and sign up for your Balanced Life Coaching Discovery Session to find out how life coaching can change your life! 

    Visit  www.coachcaferadio.com - receive your complimentary Self Empowerment Gifts and listen to all our archived Enlightened Conversations!   

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    Bridging America's Partisan Divide

    in Current Events

                 Can we actually bridge America’s big Partisan Divide?

    Amy Beth chats with noted mediator Mark Gerzon, bestselling author of Leading Through Conflict.  He outlines pragmatic approaches to facilitating productive conversations and achieving pragmatic, political compromisers in his new book The Reunited States of America.  

    Plus our usual hoopla: great music, Inspiration to Action Challenge shout-outs and pop culture.

    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites #BigStory #Forgotten45s

    Call during show ONLY 347-857-4505

    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and where ever fine work is sold.  

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    150-Super Legal Alien "Vote For Trump Or Bern In Hillary" (He Will Vote In Nov)

    in Politics Conservative

    The Super Legal Alien will be getting his citizenship in October. He believes strongly that Trump is the only one that can beat the Clinton machine. Ted Cruz is a good conservative but he just isn’t pragmatic enough to go up against a gangster like Hillary. She and her rapist husband are going to pull all of the stops out of the dirty tricks in order to wipe out the opposition no matter what it takes. He figures that the dirty, nasty things they will say will roll off of his back like nothing. Call in today and weigh in on this. We also discuss the latest on the brokered convention scheme and whether we think it will work. Also…MARCH MADNESS!

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    Pastor Delores Burgess

    in Women

    Speaker, Singer, Actor, Action Coach, Seminar Leader, Mentor


    Delores Burgess (aka) “Pastor” D is founder and CEO of Tri Action Life Center located in Stone Mountain, GA. Tri Action is a faith-based 501-(c) 3 non-profit missioned to help people put action to their faith so they live their best life possible, no matter the obstacles.  An anointed woman of God, Award winning gospel Artist and Ordained Minister, she knows without a doubt God has blessed her with the gift of Exhortation! Her pragmatic approach meets people exactly where they are and helps them strategize a plan of action to get to where they desire to be.  Delores’ passion is to ignite your passion and activate the “do” in you! She is a lover of people, laughter, and life and to date has presented to 80,000+ with a style and grace that personifies all three.



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    Liberty Logic

    in Politics


    Join Tony and Pat as we discuss an array of topics, both philosophical and current events. This is NOT a conspiracy show, but we are open to any topic (but there is no guarantee we will give endless air time). The show is focused on deconstructing the pragmatic and ethical excuses for why we supposedly need or want a government.

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    Liberty Logic

    in Politics

    This show features adult topics and language!

    As usual, Tony and Pat will take callers and discuss/debate the philosophy of anarchism (and its various incarnations) versus the ideology of statism and authoritarianism. We go into topics like decentralization, anonymity, secruity and ethics. The pragmatic AND the ethical aspects of the current society's organizing principles are critiqued. We invite audience participation whether they agree or not. But to be sure, this is a show about underlying philosophy, not necessarily conspiracy theory (although you can bring up whatever you want - there just is no guaranteee we will agree and give you the platform for very long).

    Join Tony and Pat as they deconstruct the immoral nature of the state (government) and the supposed "necessity" of it, using nothing more than valid premises and consistent logic.

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    Protecting You from Toxic Chemicals

    in Environment

    Michael Green, Executive Director for the Center of Environmental Health

    Can you think of anything that matters more to you than your health and the health of those you love? So what's a person to do to get up to speed on what might be making us sick? And what can do about it? Enter Michael Green. About ten years ago, Michael founded the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) to raise public awareness of the corporate use of toxic chemicals and of the many viable, pragmatic solutions to this pervasive threat to public health. Since then he has helped lead national efforts to stop toxic exposures and protect public health. He has also pioneered the groundbreaking legal work that has won landmark victories to protect the public from hazardous consumer products and toxic emissions. So much to share and it seems as though there is never enough time.  Please join us! This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.

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