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    Living In Peace Even With Enemies

    in Christianity

    Tonights bible study will be about obedince and living in peace at all times even with enemies around you

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    Humpday 15# - This is How You Lose Yourself (Without Even Noticing)

    in Pop Culture

    Today Our Hot Topic From the NYC TODAY Magazine is:

    This is How You Lose Yourself (Without Even Noticing)


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    Tamika Eaves

    Jackie Pryor

    Khari Buchanan 

    Shay Butter

    Tiesha Thomas

    Your host, Janel and her co-hosts Lauren, Kim, Al, Val, Mabana, Julius and Sandman will be giving you real talk, interesting interviews, Hot Topics and funny moments; including prank calling, good music, pop culture and current events. Don't Miss This Saturday! Don't Miss Any Wednesday! 
    New Music By: [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

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    Inside MLB - Giants Are Looming in Even Year

    in Baseball

    Today on Inside MLB your host Benson Fechter will be discussing many topics including Giants Are Looming in Even Year, Chen Latest in Saga of Directionless Marlins, Stars Who Should Get Big-Money Extensions ASAP, Cespedes-Harper Would Give Nationals Fear Factor, MLB Trade Ideas Based on Latest Rumors, and more! Fans remember you too can be a part of the show if you give us a call at (713) 955-0677 and remember to check out our website today at mlbinside.com for all your updates

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    Obeying the Plan, Even When You Don't Understand It All

    in Motivation

    Matthew 5:45 reads, "That ye may be children of your Father which is in heaven;..."  When your earthly father gives you instructions, as a good child, you do your best to obey them.  Likewise, when we understand the relationship and assignment given to us by our heavenly Father, we must be willing to obey what He speaks as well.  Often, we've found ourselves doing everything except for the assignment.  We live in a place where the grace of God is shared among all - those that acknowledge Him and those who don't.  We can't fall short here - we have got to set the Kingdom example through obedience, even when we don't understand it all!

    Join us and be EMPOWERED!

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    Life is Great, Even When it Sucks

    in Spirituality

    Life is Great, Even When it Sucks with Ellen Nyland

    Life is Great Even When It Sucks helps you deal with old and new challenges we face everyday. This book helps you move forward past fears and behaviors that block you from being who you really are and doing what you really want to do. Using a simple system, this book will teach you healthy ways to trust, deal with conflict, be accountable, honor your commitments and live with the results of your choices.

    You use this five-point system now, you just don't know how to use it powerfully.

    Combining the five-point system with a new understanding about the influences from family, societal and media cultures sheds a new light on all your relationships - personal, business and societal.

    Using your personal toolbox, uncovered by the strategies in this book, you will have the keys to unlock stagnant and destructive relationships, especially the one you have with yourself. Acknowledge and use your potential to achieve your dreams by learning what makes you do the things you do and why the other people in your life do the things they do.

    Ellen Nyland has faced many challenges in life and overcome them with insight, humor and intelligence. Ellen saw and helped many people and families deal with the stresses put on personal and family relationships.

    Ellen's biggest passion in life is to empower others and help them discover their own magnificence. Ellen uses her own life story and the examples of others to show that the system she's discovered through experience and study can help others move positively past their barriers to a more fully lived life.

    For more information visit: http://www.ellennyland.com/


  • 01:07

    Giving away more free gifts and more free healing, how does it get even better?

    in Entrepreneur

    Tim just released the first song from his new upcoming 4th CD, "Silver Lining."  Tim is giving the first 25 people who pre-order and write and post a review of his upcoming CD, a free 20-minute proxy healing sessions (a $50.00 value). (He will send you an mp3 by email of the session where he will work on up to 4 issues of your choice).  

    This is along with all the other free gifts he is giving for the first 100 people who pre-order his up coming CD.

    Go to this link:  https://timfm.bandcamp.com/album/a-cyborg-in-an-adolescents-head?  to listen to his new song and to pre-order his upcoming 13-song-plus CD (just found out there are going to be more than 2 hidden tracks on the CD and probably many other bonus tracks). 

    The first 100 people who preorder the CD will get all 13-plus songs downloadable in both Wave and MP3 format each month or two as they are released, and when the whole physical CD is finally released some time in 2016 or 2017, those first 100 people will also get the first signed, autographed copies of the CD (a $30 dollar value), fully packaged, fresh off the press and two 1/2 off tickets (a $50.00 value) to the CD Release Party somewhere in the world (hopefully the US, Europe or Japan, or all 3), that you can use yourself or sell to anyone else. 

    How does it get even better than that?  

    "Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight!" 


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    This is the final healing call of the year. How does it get even better?

    in Medicine

    Please help Tim make this last call-in show for the year be the best.  Share links to the show on all your social media sites and link to the youtube videos of the show and please buy Tim's books and CD and write reviews of them.  Tim has been donating his time and effort for the last 3 and 1/2 years on this call-in show and he needs your support to make this new year even better than this last year for everyone, including hisself.  

    Tim is ending his holiday special for 5 sessions for the price of 3 really soon.  So sign up for it here www.tjmusic.org/blog.html 

    Also go his youtube page and click on the donate button on the top right of the page.  www.youtube.com/timjanakos 

    Also you still have a chance to pre-order his next 13-plus song CD and write a review of it, so you'll get a free 20-minute healing session from him.  https://timjanakos.bandcamp.com/album/a-cyborg-in-an-adolescents-head

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    Miz J in the Morning: Even When You Don't Feel Like It: GO GET IT!

    in Entertainment

    Wake up every day in the right way with your host #Miz J on 'Miz J in the Morning' #LIVE WORLD WIDE!!! Great variety of #MUSIC, #TRENDING #NEWS & MORE to get you GOING!!


    Today's show is intended to inspire/ motivate/ empower listeners to GO GET IT ...even when they dont feel like it! KEEP GOING!!





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    Self Love - What the Heck Does That Even Mean?

    in Relationships

    Awakening Coach Carole Lewitski asks the powerful question, "How does one love themselves without taking it away from someone else?"

    Jeannie Selda joins Carole on the show to find out, together, what Self Love even means

    Jeannie Selda is a lover of life, mother of twins, student, teacher, and Agent of awakening.  She has been on an awakening journey of expansion for the past 15 years and this path has taken her on some of the most incredible journeys around the world; from swimming with the wild dolphins in Bimini, to climbing the ruins of Machu Picchu, to kayaking with the humpback whales in Maui.  Her mission?  To emanate her light and passion by leading by example for her 10 yr-old twin boys and those around her of what it looks like to dance fully with what presents and to share whats available in this lifetime when you leap into and through your life.

    Jeannie was immersed in the corporate telecommunications world for 15 years before her current leadership position at The Wide Awakening where she assists people to fly forward with their lives   At TWA, she is affectionately known as "the Zookeeper", because she is a key player at overseeing the business , it's staff and the people who come to play.  Jeannie's passion lies in documenting the infinite beauty of this adventure called Life and the freedom and fun of all that is possible through her camera lens.  She shares her life adventures through her facebook page www.facebook.com/TickettoBLiss

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    Should babys be given DNA test upon birth even if couples are married?

    in Comedy

    It has been countless stories of men being told they are the father and it they end up not being the father. Even in marriages men have learned after the fact that they are not the father. Would it be reasonable to say all newborns shouldbe given a DNA test upon birth to speed up the process of establishing paternity? Maybe a woman had sex with someone else and got pregnant but was unaware that a child has been concieved, things like that can happen...listen in live and call in at 10pm Central 602-753-1987 and follow us on  twitter http://twitter.com/theWTFRADIOSHOW and our facebook page http://facebook.com/theWTFRADIOSHOW

  • Yes I CAN even with Breast CANcer!

    in Lifestyle

    Yes I CAN even with Breast CANcer!

    So much of breast cancer is loss and pain. Subira Folami does not deny the challenge; however, she is proclaiming victory in many areas of her life - including her finances!

    Listen as she breaks the silence regarding cancer and financial losses that are often a part of the battle with cancer. Before breast cancer, Subira had saved cash for many years and had over $100k. But the cancer treatment left her penniless and she almost lost her home.

    Then pay close attention to the financial lessons she has learned in the process of recovery! From silver bullions to grams of gold, she still owns her home and has a bright future and she is helping people open FREE gold savings accounts. 

    Subira's hashtag is #TeamSenseiSubira

    TW: @workwithsubira

    FB: Subira Folami

    EM: subira.folami@gmail.com

    Phone: 443.417.4253